Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yank on my Pickles, would ya?

Yesterday afternoon I came home from a little jaunt into town.  Pulled into the driveway, parked and started unloading packages.  Heard Pickles yelling in the background as usual.
Pickles yells when she's hungry.  Pickles yells when she wants "better" hay.
Pickles yells when a car pulls up the drive, when the sun shines, when it rains, when there's the slightest breeze, when a gnat lands on her ass.  Pickles just yells.  Constantly.

So hearing Pickles yelling wasn't anything unusual.  Except when I went out to say hello to the goat herd, Pickles wasn't coming around to yell in my ear.  But she was still yelling from somewhere.  It was in the mid-80's so the coolest spot in the goat yard is underneath the barn.  Everyone else had just come out from there, but she just kept on yelling.  I called to her, even tempting her with a handful of grain but she just wouldn't come out.

She was obviously stuck.  The barn is on a slope, so one end of the barn is 22" off the ground and the lower end is only 7" off the ground.  Pickles had somehow managed to wedge herself closer to the 7" side.

I came in to the house to tell Paul that Pickles was stuck.  His answer was to let her wiggle out herself; she got in there, she'd get out.  (I was secretly hoping that Paul would say, "Oh, ok, I'll go get her out right now, you just sit down and have a glass of sweet tea.")  So I waited about another half hour and went back to check on her.

Yep.  Still stuck.  And still yelling.  And there was an ominous looking storm cloud in the distance.  I figured if I didn't get her unstuck now, I'd be doing it during a downpour or at the least after the downpour when I'd be mucking around in poop soup.  I put on an old shirt and asked Paul to eventually follow me out to the barn in case I got stuck.

I found a somewhat clean tarp & shoved it under the barn, shimmied my just-barely-fit-under-there plumpness as close to Pickles as I could manage and was able to grab a front leg.  And of course, as any owner of livestock knows, if you want to have an animal go one way, it will instinctively go the opposite way.  I really needed her to lay down on her side so I could yank her out, but that is also another almost impossible feat.

But after a few minutes of swearing, wondering why I have stupid goats in the first place, getting dusty poopy dirt flung in my mouth, nose, eyes, ears and hair, I was able to "coax" Pickles' head down while simultaneously pulling on both front legs, and managed to get her to the point where she was able to wiggle out toward the higher side of the barn and get out.

She was a bit muddied and a little stiff legged, but other than that no worse for the wear.

And continued her yelling as I left the goat pen to take a shower.


  1. tee hee hee hee hee glad you got her free - its always something isnt it?

  2. Carolyn,

    Pickles sounds like a little stinker :-)

    Do you think she will go back under the barn again?

  3. I keep thinking I want goats. And then I come here.

  4. Sorry that you had goat poop dust all over you but I'm glad that Pickles is saved (until the next time!!!! I just LOVE Pickles!!!!

  5. Don't ya just love goats ???????????? I think I would board up the basement there so I would not have to go there again ... or dig it out deeper, LOL. Goats seem to do things sheep would never dream of for some reason.

  6. You're scaring me. We're about to get our first goats!

  7. I was almost afraid to read this post....if there is trouble to be had, you'll find a goat involved. Can't wait until mine are back and up to no good!

  8. Yeah, so I'm thinking I want a milk cow instead of goats. A nice milk cow that doesn't try and kill it's self on a semi monthly basis. A placid cow to raise my freezer steers for me, munching grass out in the pasture. Did I mention I had to have Norman the calf rescued two days ago because he has a bucket stuck on his head?

  9. I know I'm evil, but I so wish Paul had gotten a video of you shimmying under the shed to haul Pickles out. (Don't you really think she could have gotten herself out if she had wanted to?)

  10. OFG, it's ALWAYS more than one thing. You know this.

    Sandy, if I had to saw who was my most annoying goat, it would be Pickles. No more bottle babies for me! And, well, Yes, she did get back under there.

    SciFiChick, you're welcome.

    Kelly, at least somebody can smile about this!

    Christine, of COURSE you love Pickles. Because you just read about her. Come here and DEAL with her and you'll HATE Pickles!!

    Tombstone, blocking it off has been thought of. Just getting around to doing it is another whole can o' beans.

    Mary Ann, Oh I love my goats.......most of them :)

    Susan, what? Your goats give you problems? Never would have guessed.

    Jacqueline, Cow. Yes. Definitely cow. And do we get to hear the story of buckethead??

    Mama Pea, Yes. You are Evil. But that's besides the point. And I can honestly say, "No, she couldn't get herself out." Know how I know this? Because she got under there AGAIN yesterday and I refused to help her out. For like five hours. But eventually had to go back under and she was wedged even FARTHER under there. I almost got stuck....and nobody was here but Rhiannon to help me!

  11. Oh, boy! Goats are so wonderful, and so terrible all at once. Just for consolation, my hubby would have done just what Paul did. :)

  12. Ah, the joys of owning goats! I can't believe she did it AGAIN! Jeez...
    Is she part Nubian? We had a Nubian for about two months once but hubby made me get rid of her because of her constant yelling! LOL!!