Saturday, April 19, 2014

Waste of a perfectly good lawn

Today Paul brought the mower into the garage to do some maintenance on it because the front "lawn" is looking to take over in a few days if it's not cut.  Knowing that all that wonderful, free green goat feed will soon be chopped and blown to the wind made me get my lazy bum out there to get a few totes of caprine salad to the herd:

I've been feeding the goats hay since like forever and they were very appreciative of the greenery.

I didn't give them too much and I fed them their grain beforehand so their stomachs (hopefully) won't get upset.  The kids can still squeeze in and out of the cattle panel fence so they've been munching away at the grass and weeds around the place, but the older goats haven't had much time out on the leads to enjoy the fresh grass.

I just used kitchen shears to give the lawn a clipping here and there, but it's time consuming and not very nice on my hands.  I've used the bagger on the lawn mower before but it chops up the grass too much.  I'd like to get my hands on a good sickle blade or maybe even a scythe, although I tend to think I'd be more likely to lose a limb using the scythe.

As usual, Outside Kitty was there to keep me company.  Seems as if Pioneer Preppy isn't the only one with a small, furry Supervisor.


  1. Whenever I use a sickle or a scythe I have to put my supervisor up or a brutal beheading might occur. My feline supervisor is fearless around things I am using. Once I looked down while using my chainsaw and she was sniffing the tip of the chain. Now I catch her and put her in the house whenever I am doing anything like that.

  2. You sure went through a lot of work to clip all that greenery by hand! (Got any blisters?) A sharp scythe would do the trick quickly. I know I've felt very clumsy and uncoordinated when learning to use one, but you'd get into the swing of it shortly, I'm sure. I would get all animals and children well out of the way first though! And wear high boots.

  3. Oooh, lucky goaties! Mine would kill for a nice, juicy, green feast like that. We don't have near the growth that you do yet - although it IS turning greenish. I have a hand scythe that my dad gave me - I love it. You have to bend down to cut, but I figure it's my idea of Pilates.