Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Moving on up (and out)

It's just a wee bit quieter at the homestead today.

No.  I didn't get rid of Pickles (yet).

Adrian (our friend who just so happens to be the Ag teacher at the local high school) came over Sunday night with her husband and they took three of our Boer kids to the school barn for her FFA kids.  This is our first year sponsoring livestock and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what transpires besides the loaning out of the animals and the funding of said animal's feed & medical needs.  All I know is that even though we're still spending money on feeding them, I don't have to deal with them for four months.  Which is good in my book.  I have three less goats to take care of and three FFA kids get "free" goats to mess around with and show at the County Fair.  And, in theory, Adrian will return our goaties all fat and grown up and sporting blue ribbons.

Pickles and Lily are not nearly as upset as I thought they would be.  Lily only bleated a bit while her doeling was being loaded up and crying out.  Pickles basically told her kids "Don't let the barn door hit ya in the arse" as we hauled them out of the goat pen.  I hate Pickles.

MamaGoat's doeling leaves us this Saturday to go to a farm just south of us.  And I'm still trying to get someone to buy Penny and her doeling.  Seems as if the market on goats took a dive and I can't even sell her for a hundred stinking bucks.  Buy high and sell low, right Dad?  Ugh.

If I can't get her sold I'll have her bred to Herman as soon as she comes back into heat.  If she's going to be here she may as well pop out a Boer kid for me.  I've never bred a goat in the spring / summer and not even sure if she'll go into heat then, but supposedly Boers can be bred year round.
We'll see about that.  Herman better get his mojo on.


  1. I am shocked. SHOCKED that they didn't take Pickles. Or that you didn't try and shove her in the truck with the rest. I would love to be able to find a home - even temporarily - for my trio. The goat market here is innundated, too. Better start piping in the Barry White tunes to Herman's digs.... :)

  2. We did that with the feeder pig market way back when....bought high; practically gave the pigs away but at least, they were gone and we weren't feeding them!

    I can never figure trends in the market. Good luck with eliminating Pickles.