Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ribs. That's why.

We still have a good amount of pork in the freezer.  And deer season is just around the corner.  So exactly why did I end up buying another 240 pounds of meat at the fair?  Well, besides the fact that I was unsupervised and had a couple of bucks in my back pocket.

Because each hog has a limited amount of bacon and only two slabs of ribs:
Half slab of yummy porky rib goodness from last year's hog.
Now if the science geeks and the animal husbandry guys can get together to make a hybrid hog that puts out a carcass that yielded only ribs and bacon, I'd be one happy camper.  Although I wonder what the hog would look like.  Wait a second, don't even go there, you'll ruin my happy dream of a BaconRib Hog.

Freezer space is going to be at a premium very, very soon.  That is why I intend on canning everything possible from our deer hunts.  I made shredded BBQ deer, stew chunks & ground venison and canned it last year.  I really like the convenience of having "Heat & Eat Meat" on the pantry shelves especially when I haven't defrosted anything from the freezer.  Open a few cans of beans, tomatoes, seasoning & add the ground venison for an easy homemade chili.  Grab a package of hamburger buns on the way home from work (or make your own), heat up the BBQ venison and you've got yourself a mean sandwich.

I haven't canned anything pig related though, and I might try that this year.  Because even if I do end up canning or jerky'ing all the deer meat we'll still be tight on freezer space after we butcher Yummy in a few weeks.

I might have to defrost the last slab of ribs in order to make more room in the freezer.  I'm sure my daughter won't mind another helping.

Have any of you canned pork?  If so, would you like to share recipes with us?  I'd be grateful for the help and ideas :)


  1. No, I haven't canned pork before. We usually eat up our freezer pig in about a month. I agree... never enough bacon!

  2. Yes I have and it turns out great, like very tender pulled pork! Here's the link,

  3. So just for curiosity sake what did ya pay per pound on the hoof for the piggies?

    I am still thinking of buying a couple for Winter fattening.

  4. Julie, a hog better last us more than a month! But then again, there are only THREE of us to feed here :)

    Mike, I was going to ask you about that, but you beat me to it! Just don't make me try to salt any of that meat and eat it a month later! :)

    PP, we paid $240 for a 240 lb. hog. Only time will tell if we were better off continuing to fatten him up or just should have butchered him right then. We'll know soon enough & I'll post results. 6-week old feeder piglets are going for $60 around here.

    1. I promise I won't, canning is the only way to go!

  5. Normally our butcher considers a 220 lb hog ready to butcher. This one should have a lot of fat. Be sure to have them grind and save it and make lard! Great for cooking and making wonderful soap.

    I think there is a longer hog that is considered a bacon hog....maybe Landrace???

  6. I've never canned meat, so I'll be saving that shared link. Some day I'll own a pressure canner.

  7. I have not canned pork but plan on it this year....We usually raise feeder pigs and when its all said and done we process at about 275 lbs and it last us almost a year(3 of us here)...We now have 6 pigs...4 females and 2 barrows(castrated males for the freezer)...we raise durocs they seem to be good ham pigs as well as bacon pigs...I live in extreme N.E. Oklahoma and we are giving around 1.00 per lb on the hoof...

  8. Nope, haven't canned any pork. Haven't HAD any pork in a looooong time. We buy an organic ham every now and then which costs an arm and a leg, but believe me, I get many, many meals out of that ham. Your picture of the ribs, and Rhiannon chowing down, actually made my mouth water.