Monday, February 13, 2012

Is she? Isn't she?

After checking (and checking, and checking) on Nettie as she's supposed to be kidding on Wednesday, I went back to my calendar to double check my dates.  And guess, what?  I was off by two days.  

But not by two days later, but two days earlier!  I obviously just wrote down five months later as opposed to the actual 150 days.  Nettie's kidding day is supposed to be TODAY!  And she's still saggy-baggy with no real signs of labor.  Her ligaments seem pretty much normal, but then I feel them again (and again, and again) and I think that they
may be loosening up.  Or maybe I'm just hoping to feel that.  Then I feel her udder and think that it may be filling up, but her teats are still all saggy.

She'd been underweight at her last spring kidding with three doelings so I stopped milking her after the kids were weaned hoping to put weight back on her.  I also continued feeding her grain even though I wasn't milking her.  She got a top dressing of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and Rice Bran on her grain as well.  Nettie was starting to get meat back on her and by September she was looking good enough that I figured it would be safe to have her bred.  

I though that the breeding went successfully as she never went into heat afterwards.  Her belly isn't huge by any means, but last year I wouldn't have guessed that she was even pregnant by just looking at her size, yet she popped out three kids!  

Did the breeding not take?  Why didn't I notice her go into heat again?  Did she abort without me knowing?

So.  Now what?

Well, nothing I guess.  It's not like there's much I can do about it.  I suppose I'd rather her not be pregnant if she's not going to produce milk enough that I have to bottle feed kids.  And we'll still have milk in a month when Annette kids (assuming she was successfully bred!) so we won't be milk-less for long. 

I'm still going to keep an close eye on her for the next several days.  And hope for good news, in whatever form I can get it.


  1. I'm hoping for good news for you too!

  2. We can drive ourselves nuts trying to figure these things out. Because you say she wasn't big at all last time before popping out triplets and she didn't come back into heat after being bred 5 months ago, I'm betting she's going to present you with some little goaties any day now. AND have lots of milk for them . . . with a little left over for you!

  3. From my own frustration, I've learned that it's not uncommon for Saanens to go past 150 days. Combine that it seems a LOT of goats are going beyond the 150 day mark this year. We are hoping we caught our doe in heat again for summer kids from her, but there's no telling. It's frustrating. :(

  4. Have you checked to see if she has colsturm yet? Good luck hope you get those babies.

  5. Candy, Tina & MP, Thanks for the good thoughts! :)

    Hoosier, I looked up the last three years & she went one day over each time.

    Tombstone, No, I haven't checked. Should I? How? Just milk her a little bit? She does seem a little more full in the udder, but her teats are still REALLY saggy!