Monday, July 29, 2013

And some of my Not So Favorite Things

During my baking day on Thursday, my Nutrimill just up and quit.  Luckily I had already ground several pounds of wheat, so it wasn't a disaster, but it was still a major bummer.  Several months ago one of the grinding teeth came loose & got stuck, thus rendering the mill inoperable.  But Paul (my hero!) was able to take it apart, find the problem, and then reassemble the mill so I could use it again.  

When he got home from work, I gave him my saddest, most pathetic "please help poor little ol' me" face and asked him to take the mill apart again.  Which he did.  And determined that it wasn't going to be an easy fix, nor one that he could guarantee would squeeze much more life out of it.

I guess I should have prepared myself for the eventual death of the Nutrimill.  I though that I was going to just buy another one just like it, but then I got cold feet.  

Should I buy another Nutrimill?  I was pretty happy with the one I had.  But is there something else out there?  Would I feel like an unfaithful tramp if I switched brands now after a solid 8 years of happy grinding?

Should I try a different mill?  And if I do try another, which one?  It's not like I have a few thousand dollars to spend on several different mills and then and then send the ones I don't like if they would even take them back.  And what if the new mill doesn't grind as nicely as my old mill?  What if it grinds better than my old mill?  Will I harbor bad feelings against my Nutrimill for it's sub-par performance?

Should I just go back to using my Carolyn-powered Country Living Grain mill?  Goodness knows that I need the exercise, but I think I'd just give up after several grinding sessions and just end up buying crappy white bread at the Walmart instead of having to lug the 674 lb. mill out and sweat my butt off just trying to make enough flour for a loaf of bread, let alone enough for the baked goods I bring to the Farmers Market.

Should I upgrade to a "better" mill?  There's a really fancy looking one for like $600.  The Nutrimill is like $250.  If I knew for certain that I'd get 2 1/2 times more life out of it (i.e. it would last me like twenty years) I'd buy it.  Maybe.  But you never know.

So, any grain mill owners out there than can give me their opinions before I flip out and just buy the first thing that comes up on ebay then regret it and complain about it for the next eight years?


  1. I only have one for emergency use. I'd get the best one you can afford if you use it all the time.

  2. Sounds like the Nutrimill has been very capable for you and milling for 8 years I wouldn’t change horses now. It would probably still be milling if you didn’t try milling stones in it last year And because you have a manual mill you are still covered if the electric goes away for a few months. Maybe look at buying the Nutimill from a retailer that will give you your money back if you’re not happy with the new one.
    If you try another brand you may get an appliance with more issues than my x.

  3. I think unfaithful tramps have a very important notch in the food chain so go for it!!!

    I suggest you buy both. One you know you will use to full effect and one you know you will use when forced to. Always good to have a back up as well.

  4. Carolyn,

    If you're going to buy a new one, go with the one that has been dependable for you over the last 8 years. Don't go with something you haven't used or can't get a good referral from a friend.

  5. I haven't grown my own wheat yet, so I can't help with the mill. But, you've inspired me to grow my what next year.