Saturday, July 20, 2013

Farmer's Market Fun

Yesterday was the second week I brought Rhiannon with me to the Farmer's Market.  I thought I'd have a hard time getting her up so early (we try to be there at 6:30) but once I say the words "Farmer's Market" she snaps her eyes open and jumps out of bed to get ready.

I've been helping the produce guy set up his stand the past three weeks.  And when he gets busy I'll help bag produce & take money while Rhiannon takes care of "her" little stand and eagerly awaits customers.  She is becoming such the salesperson.  Last week a lady asked for a bar of soap and when Rhiannon put her bar in a bag, she said "You want two soaps!" which the very nice, kind, toddler-appeasing woman said, "Well, I think you're right, I would like two soaps!"  I then quietly told Rhiannon not to be such a pushy salesperson.  We're also working on our math skills by collecting money and giving back change.  It's nice that the customers are more than willing to wait the extra time and give Rhiannon a chance to do everything.

And when our stand is lacking customers, Rhiannon comes over to the produce stand and helps fill the baskets with potatoes and peaches and cucumbers.  I love to see her actually enjoying helping others out.  It makes her feel needed and all grown up that she can help out Mr. Clarence (the produce guy).  When things are slow going, Rhiannon can play in the volleyball sand court, kick her soccer ball around the field or even walk through the little "Enchanted Forest" path (all within Mommy-vision, of course).  

I brought four large loaves of bread, three smaller round loaves, soap, goat cheese, milk and a dozen eggs.  I also baked twice as many cookies as normal and still sold all of them.  By 11 o'clock we had sold out of everything but a half-pound of goat cheese and a loaf of bread.  The bread & cheese went to a friend so I actually went home almost empty handed.

Why "almost"?  Well, in payment for helping out the produce guy, we loaded the front seat down with two watermelons, a cantaloupe the size of a bowling ball, a couple peaches and tomatoes and a pint of local honey!  So not only did I make some goat-food money from the sale of our baked goods, but we got a bunch of local produce.  I LOVE bartering :)


  1. You guys do the market on Fridays? Usually the weekday ones up here are in the afternoons and the weekend ones start in the mornings.

  2. The larger town nearby has their market on Wednesday & Saturday from 7am-1pm so I think ours made it on Friday mornings (7-1 also) so they wouldn't have to compete with the larger market.

  3. So, you deciding to keep on selling despite the clip board lady? AWESOME!!

  4. Carolyn,

    I'm happy to hear the clipboard "B" was not at the market.

    I love that you brought Rhiannon, this had to of been so much fun for her and she learned how to sale, count money, and make money. I think you're going to have a wonderful little assistant at the farmers market each week.

  5. Sounds like an awesome day at the Market and I love that Rhiannon goes with you and enjoys it so much! I'm with you, bartering is THE BEST!! :)