Friday, February 7, 2014

The Right to Warm Weather

Warning: Political Soap Box Rant Ahead

Yes, sheeple Citizens of the United States, you have the right to warm weather!  It is your gawd-given RIGHT to have balmy temperatures even if you chose to live north of the Mason-Dixon line!  Are you sick and tired of twenty-six inches of snow and sub-zero weather every day for four months at a time up in Minnesota?  Well then, vote for ME for Congress!  I will make sure that you will receive a plane ticket to your choice of southern states on the taxpayer's dime for free as well as taxpayer-funded government-subsidized housing in your chosen southern state.  Don't worry about having to find a job there either!  You can ride rely on the disabled / unemployed / underemployed gravy train government assistant programs regardless of your actual ability to work.  And if you get too hot down south, just fill out the coupon for a free air conditioning unit.

Year-round warm weather is every citizens right and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that you vote for me your rights are being upheld!


Sooooo.......what got me all in a political uproar this crisp and brilliant (i.e. freaking cold) Friday, you ask?  Well, two things actually.  Last night I was reading some online news regarding something (I have already forgotten), but what I remember was the last line of the article stating that "Health, education and nutritious food are a human right."  Then this morning I saw a little quote on Google (yes, Paul, I know it's evil, just like Facebook) that said, "The practice of sport is a human right." - Olympic Charter.

Ok, in essence those things are a right; as in you should be free to undertake whichever (non-aggressive) paths lead to those goals.  But I am sick and freaking unbelievably tired of seeing every. stinking. thing. being claimed as a human right....and provided by the government.  Now don't get me wrong.  I'm a big fan of the part in The United States Declaration Independence where it states that,

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

But where does it say that life, liberty, and happiness are supposed to be provided by the government?  Meaning by the money that the government steals from other people.  The government's only purpose is to make sure that no one else infringes upon those rights, not to make sure you're given things that you equate with those rights.

It says that the PURSUIT of those things are an unalienable right.  If you're too lazy to work when you can, you are not entitled to a paycheck just because.  If you're not happy where you are financially, physically or mentally, then do something to change that; you are not entitled to have someone else make you happy.  And most importantly, if you are giving up your Constitutional rights little by little, or are voting to take OTHER people's rights away, then you should not expect to keep YOUR Liberty.

Most of you know that I'm not talking about taking food out of children's mouths (that's ALWAYS the case the left-wing, bleeding heart wacko's bring up).  Why do they always bring up Children or The Elderly or The Disabled or Cute Little Puppies?  It's always the same; A child with a cute little starving puppy is being killed every five seconds because of guns/reduced food stamp benefits/lack of better education/lack of "free" health care.  Sick of it.

At what point does the government mandate that EVERYthing is a human right and that those rights have to be "upheld" by them?  Meaning that if you aren't feeling quite up to snuff with the Robinsons next door, just cry "nutritional, educational, sexual, financial, etc." discrimination and bingo!  you've got yourself a new free cell phone (with internet capabilities, of course).

Ironically, while our asinine government is providing all these make believe rights (at your expense), they are destroying the rights that truly matter.  Day by day, minute by minute, they are outlawing, over-regulating, abolishing, eroding and erasing those silly things written in the Bill of Rights.  If you'd like, I can give scathing examples of tyrannical abuse for all but the Third and Seventh Amendments (although give me five minutes and I'm sure I can come up with something).

Come on, somebody ask me to list the specific ways each of the Amendments are trampled on a daily basis!  I'm in a fighting mood today.  Although I'm sure you've had enough crappy political ranting for the day.

So, what's the reasoning and moral of my crazed-political-blog post for this morning?  I suppose that too many people are being immoral.  That they'd rather have someone else do the pursuing of happiness for them instead of getting off their lazy duffs to do it for themselves.  I also needed to vent.  Although it's pretty much preaching to the choir here.

Oh, and I'm cranky from all the cold.  And we're running out of seasoned, split wood for the stove so that means I gott'a get my butt out on the splitter or we're gonn'a be having to wear five layers of clothing in the house.

Wonder if Obama has a program for free firewood.


  1. Only if your stove was purchased in the last couple of months from the approved list. One that won't take wood larger than your wrist and makes sure it burns fast enough with settings for airflow you cannot change that stop all that carbon neutral particle smoke the government wants to regulate.

    Once you buy the triple priced new "Efficient" (for us) stove we will then grant you the ability to use it twice a week.

    If you ask me the biggest farce and rights trampling by the government is favoring certain race/genders over others though. A rule is at least just if it is fairly applied but when it is used to purposefully attack one specific group it is tyranny.

  2. Good vent, indeed. I will be joining you in wearing 5 layers of clothing just to stay warm inside today. And I won't be getting a hot shower or bath today again. We too will be splitting wood soon.