Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Up Yours, FDA

Not sure how many people are taking part of this, but Donna over at Midlife Farmwife had mentioned doing a 24-hour Raw Milk Fast in order to recognize Michael Schmidt's hunger strike protesting Canada's position on Raw Milk sales and Cow Shares.
So, being that I pretty much drink raw milk on a daily basis, as well as serve it to my 2 1/2 year old daughter, I figured that we could take part in the “protest”.  I’m going to be doing the actual milk fasting part, but of course I’m not going to make Rhiannon fast.  She’ll be encouraged to drink all the milk she wants today, which shouldn’t be too difficult as she also enjoys a nice, cold cup of milk with her meals.
And since I didn’t figure Paul would be up to a milk fast, I made him a quiche for breakfast (which uses lots o’milk) and for dinner I’m going to make something that requires milk.  Even if it’s just cookies.  Gott’a have lots of milk with cookies, right?  Although that would just be torturing myself.  Maybe I'll save the cookies for after the Raw Milk Fast.
I’ll leave you with some pictures celebrating our Raw Milk Day:
Nettie, the Matriarch of our little herd.

Rhiannon using the "Weed Wacker" around the garden.

Pure, healthy, wonderful RAW MILK goodness!
Attention FDA & DCFS: My daughter is drinking RAW MILK!
Happy & healthy RAW MILK drinker!


  1. Yay for raw milk!! I'll drink to that. Ya know what really upsets me to think about? All the little tiny babies being fed GMO soy milk. So sad.

  2. You are on a roll! I had my first glass this morning - 'tho, truth be told, I did have a cup (or two) of coffee - but with raw milk in it! More milk for lunch - and ditto for dinner. I mean, how hard can it be to drink good, flavorful, HEALTHY, raw milk. Yum! And ditto to your FDA salutation.

  3. You are making me SO thirsty! I can hardly wait for May kids, so we can get more milk. We get raw cows milk from a local natural dairy, but I miss our goats milk. It is SOOO good! :)

  4. Mama Pea, you are SO right! That really gets me riled up too. :(

  5. Mama Pea, it breaks my heart knowing that the government will push for obviously unhealthy "food", yet make feeding your child natural foods a crime. It has got to stop. And WE need to stop it!

    Susan, Glad you're doing the Raw Milk Fast with us! Hmmmm, I wonder if I put crushed up cookies IN the raw milk if I'd be "cheating"!? :)

  6. Patty, I wish we had a source for raw milk when our does dry up. I KNOW there are people around here that do sell, but have yet to find out where they are (or to have anyone I know give up their source). Geez, it sounds like I'm trying to buy meth or something!

  7. I'm missing my raw milk now. Thanks. lol

  8. Ditto on what small farm girl said!!!

  9. I LOVE raw milk. We buy raw cow's milk from a dairy near us, but hopefully by next year we will be able to have our own goats!

  10. Love the title of this post!

    I raised my two, now 46 and 43 year old 'kids' on raw cow's milk. They are healthy as can be.

    I bought a cow a few years ago because I missed drinking that wonderful milk we took out of the bulk tank when we had the dairy (Holstein cows).
    Because of an issue of arthritis in my hands I had to quit milking a couple of times last week. DH does not milk! We bought one gallon of milk and I never touched a drop. The minute I milked again, we just used up the store milk in cooking. DH was the first one to get a cup of that delicious raw milk.

    I am sure the two biggest milk co-ops in the country have a good lobbyist in DC that pushes this issue and funds many congressmen.

    As you know Missouri has recently put a small family dairy out of business that sold raw milk!
    I bought a baby Jersey heifer from them recently and it broke my heart to hear that story.

    More power to the raw milk and real food people!

  11. I love the picture of Rhiannon with the Weed Wacker! We didn't do a raw milk fast but we have been drinking it as usual and I used LOTS today in my baking! :)

  12. Carolyn
    After reading this post, I did some research to see what the regulations for North Carolina (where I live) and Virginia (where I work) are.
    North Carolina: It is only legal to sell RAW MILK for animal feed here. The state agricutural director wants a law that requires all RAW MILK in the state be colored dark GREEN! Even if you own the animals! How STUPID can you be?
    Virginia: The common wealth of Virginia has only two farms that are cirtified to sell RAW MILK to the public, and you have to buy a share in the animal. The one that I found on line is 4 hours away from me and this is their cost for a share in one of the cows.
    Cost of the share: $50.00
    Consumables: 4 half gallon jars w/lids - $20.00 (this is a one time deposit on the jars).
    Monthly boarding fees: $35.00
    So for $105.00 to get started, you get 1 gallon of milk a week that has to be picked up at the farm.
    The farm is located in Purcellville VA. and is again to far away to make it practicul for me to get into the "Share" program.
    I wish I had the time and money to get my own animals and I would say TO-HELL-WITH-THE-LAWS!

  13. I so agree...and strange, I just did a post on raw milk.