Saturday, March 24, 2012

Heap O' Weeds?

There is a pile of dirt / rocks near one of the woodpiles.  Very unassuming.  Not really in the way.  Just kind'a sitting there (because I haven't gotten around to leveling it out with the tractor).
But just take a closer look.  It's not just a heap o'dirt sprouting a bunch of weeds, but a smorgasbord!  

Wild Carrot (Queen Ann's Lace)
Wild Onion
Wild Grape
Wild Blackberry
Lambs Quarters

This pile of delectables isn't going to provide more than a mere snack or a small side dish, but I thought it was neat that there were so many wild edibles in just that small pile of dirt.  Add that to the plantain (although I've never tried it yet) dandelions and clover just a few steps away in our "lawn".

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  1. A couple of more dirt piles lying around here and there and you could forget putting in a garden this year! ;o)

  2. Know what I love best? That you know what all those things are. I wouldn't have a clue. It's on my to-do list. :)

  3. You have to cook pokeweed, don't you? I know I've heard that you can eat it young if it's cooked but I've never been brave enough to eat something that is generally poisonous.
    But lambs quarters are a favorite!! If that's all I wanted to grow I could just leave my garden since it seems to be covered in little seedlings right now.


  4. Mama Pea, if ONLY!! :)

    Mama Tea, Once you're around your new farm in the spring you'll be looking at all that greenery and thinking "Hmmmmmm, can we eat this??"

    Fullfreezer, Yep. Can't let it get much bigger than what's pictured. Leaves, boil in 3 changes water, then I sautee with onions & butter. I believe it's the roots & berries that are the most poisonous. We eat it every year and we ain't dead....yet! :) I've got a BAZILLION lambs quarters in my raised beds and I'm just leaving them there right next to the spinach. Free veggies!

  5. Oh my, I learned so much from your pile of weeds. Maybe you know what looks like a big, broader leafed lamb's ear, but it doesn't get tall like mullein??? I have several, all in partial sun to shade.

    1. The picture I have is of really young lambs quarters, they get much larger, say maybe up to 2' tall with a semi-woody green center stalk. They also have like a white "dust" on the underside of the leaves. Have any pictures? Not a expert in any ways, but might be able to help.

  6. You could cultivate a small area of those in your inteneded "garden"!

  7. Who knew all those edible plants were there? That's pretty cool! I don't know anything about herbs, maybe I'll get a herb book and take it out on a walk on my property and see what I find!!! Thanks for the encouragement!


  8. I noticed the Wild modifier in a lot of those plants. If I ever try to plant carrots (etc..) they never grow - but the wild ones seems to thrive outside my reach....

  9. Oh Drats! You're a no-reply blogger, so I'm unable to email you the photos I just took of that big weed I have. Can you contact me offline ( ) so I can send them to you? I'm so anxious to know what it is.

  10. I agree with Mama Tea! Ya'll back east have a LOT more of the wild edibles than we do here in the desert.

  11. This is the perfect "bug out" spot for the apocalypse! Nature has already planted the garden LOL!