Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kiddings Over!

Although I had three does bred last fall, I only had to go through two kiddings this spring because I sold Ishtar before she was due.  So last night we had our second, and final kidding of the year.  

Annette was due on Monday, but Saturday morning she was "talking" more than usual and by the afternoon she was yelling pretty much constantly.  By six in the evening it was apparent that she was having some serious contractions so I put her into the kidding pen (which I just cleaned out the day about procrastinating!!)  and by seven-thirty, we had kids!!

Since it was the weekend, Paul was home and took Rhiannon while I stayed with Annette as her goat-midwife.  

Here is Annette in hard labor.  Earlier in the day she had contractions,
but they were mild enough that she would eat the grain I offered,
even right through them, pausing only slightly when it came on.
Up-close shot of the mucus plug.  Sometimes a doe will lose
this plug several hours before going into hard labor.

The first bubble(Chorion sac).  This may or may not break before
the second bubble (Amniotic sac), shows with the kid inside
Here you can clearly see both the reddish Chorion sac
and the yellowish Amniotic sac.
Her labor was pretty fast and before I knew it there were feet showing in the bubble, but no nose showing!  I went in to adjust the head forward and after being better positioned it came out with just a little tug on the front feet.  After it was out, I grabbed it by the hind feet, wiped the fluids from the nose & mouth & put it down so Annette and I could start drying the kid off.  

Annette having contractions while drying her first kid off.
Annette was right next to me helping dry her off when just a few minutes later she laid down and was pushing again.  This time there was only one foot showing, but at least the head was pointed forward.  I'm not sure if she would have been able to deliver like that, so after several hard pushes and having the kid get sucked back in, I went in again during a contraction, found the other foot (it was bent like it was laying down) and pulled it forward.  One last little tug at the next contraction and we had our second doeling!

After both doelings were dried off, I made sure they found their way to Annette's udder and were getting that first all-important drink of colostrum.  I went in the house to clean up and get a bite to eat so left Annette and her new babies alone for some quality time.  Less than two hours after the last doeling was delivered, I went in the barn to check on everyone and found Annette licking the afterbirth.  Some people let the does eat it, but honestly, I think it's icky so I took it away and put it in the garbage bag with the rest of the birthing goo.

Sorry I didn't take more pictures, but it was just me in the barn.  If you want to see a more detailed goat birth, click here for Nettie's 2011 kidding.

More cute goat kid pictures will soon follow!


  1. Those little doelings sure are cute, but I don't know if they can compete with Nettie's latest babe. But still, unbelievably freaking cute!

  2. Aaawwwww Im so happy for you! I just love new babies. I've got another month yet.

  3. If we someday choose to get back into goats again, will you please plan on staying with us for all their kiddings? Super competent mid-wifery there, CR! I think you did great getting the photos you did since you were out there by yourself. Looking forward to more pictures!

  4. I wasn't expecting the pictures (very well done) but that first one of her laying on the hay bale is a classic.

    Great job, the bent foreleg delivery can be tricky!

  5. I'm so glad you shared this. We will have 2 kiddings this year for the first time. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Congrats on two little doelings! YAY!! Thanks for all the good info, very nicely done! Is that a baby changing pad you have down to put the kids on? (I don't have children so things like that are foreign to me.)

  7. Great job, and having the bed paper sheet thingies are good idea too. Hospitals use those, and handy to have. I want some goats, but need the acerage first...

  8. Congrats! They are adorable and I can't wait to see more photos. I'd love goats but the DH has nixed that. I'll keep working on him, though. I know my youngest would love some.

  9. Congrats and good job. I have been lucky enough with our ewes (and 5 batches of babies) to not have to help at all, except with the drying off of one set of twins. Soundds like you definitly know what your doing, and I'd be happy to have you with us next year.

  10. Excellent photos, that whole process never gets old, so amazing! Lovely little kids!!

  11. Tiny, it was Susan's sweater that made Nettie's kid more adorable. I think if you put a hand knit sweater on ANY little animal they become 10x as cute.

    SFG, that month will blow by you quickly; hope all is ready for them!

    Mama Pea, I'm just lucky that I haven't had to deal with any REAL birthing emergencies; don't know how I'd handle a really stuck kid or something worse.

    Chai Chai, I guess I should have "warned" that there were going to be graphic pics (my sister probably vurped when she saw this post). Honestly I though that the bent foreleg wouldn't be a problem, but I just got freaked and went it.

    Kristina, Glad that these pictures can help someone.....I know I used the internet for our first kiddings and it eased my mind. Hope your kiddings go smoothly (for the does AND you!). Let us know and keep us posted!

    Candy C., yes, a big "YAY" for two girls! I always hate wondering if the males will end up being food (for us) or a pet for someone else. Those are puppy wee-wee pads; I use them when they are almost dried off to keep them dry & to suck up any remaining moisture.

    Nancypo, I hate to admit it, but those papers aren't hospital paper....they are empty and cleaned (as good as I can get them) feed sacks! But it helps a LOT when things start getting messy so I can keep the straw underneath as clean as possible afterwards.

    Fullfreezer, keep working on him. And you can always pull the "OH, look what the kids brought home!" and play dumb! :)

    Ruth, Sometimes I wonder if I should really be helping at all, especially when I hear about everyone else just going outside or to the barn and "there were kids/lambs happily nursing" without even knowing there was a birth happening.

    Erin, It is amazing. Gooey, and messy at times, but still amazing!

  12. How fantastic! Congratulations and well done! Looking forward to more pics of those cuties :)

  13. Thanks for the awesome photos and discriptions, and congratulations! :) Those are some cute kids!

  14. Wow! Just "Wow!" I got my first goats (2 baby Nubians) last week and it is already an incredible ride!