Monday, March 7, 2011

And the Wiener is.....

Thanks to all (five) of you that played.  Honestly, I’m feeling a bit bummed that so few people entered; I was really looking forward to getting some more ideas about saving fuel / food / money.  Maybe it’s because everyone was tending to their seedlings.  Or being midwives to their goats and cows. 
Or maybe people are just afraid of winning something that I made with stuff squeezed out of a goat’s body mixed with water and a corrosive alkaline substance.  Heak, put that way, I’m even a bit worried about using my own soap!  Just kidding.  I made a huge batch last year (actually almost two years ago) and have been using the soap on a daily basis – even for Rhiannon.
Anyways….I’d post the official picture of the highly scientific method of choosing the winner, but my camera battery died before I could snap a picture.  So you’ll have to trust me.
I wrote the name of every entrant on a small piece of paper & put it in a basket: gld, Hoosier Homesteader, Jen Plus Five, Christine, Apple Pie Gal.  Rhiannon then grabbed one of the papers and it was Apple Pie Gal!  When I tried to take the basket away from her, she pitched a little fit so I gave the basket back to her.  Rhiannon then handed me the remaining slips of paper one by one.  I think she was trying to tell me something.
As not to discredit the apparent wishes of a two-year-old, I have decided that everyone will get a bar of soap (that is, if you want it!). 
But in order not to take the oh-so-exciting victory of winning from The Apple Pie Gal, she will still receive four bars of soap.  And I’ll keep linking her blog here until I can no longer think of any other ways to put the words "The Apple Pie Gal" in my writing today.
So, if all the “Wieners” (especially The Apple Pie Gal) would kindly email me at with your mailing address, I’ll get your soap in the mail! 
Yes, even you gld, (you're not too "old" to need a bar of soap, are ya?)

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  1. I love your site!! It looks like youre having alot of fun out there in the backwoods! I live in Washougal WA and find a lot weeds and I never spray but what I enjoy most is the mushrooms!
    I get alot of mushrooms in the fall, as Im sure you do as well. Well, I saw your post because of the mushroom pic you posted and found that I enjoyed it very much!!