Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Advertising

If any of my fellow blogging-addicts have a home based, family owned or small business that you'd like me to post on my sidebar, I'd like to add you.  Only a few "rules" though as I don't want to turn this into an advertising nightmare:

As I mentioned, your business must be a small business, either home based or family owned.  The products you offer must have something to do with homesteading as I would like the listed businesses to "gel" with my blog.  Well, technically Louisa's & Millie's Chocolates don't really have much to do with homesteading except the fact that without a semi-regular suppply of them, I'd be a really, really crabby homesteader.

I'd also appreciate it if you "Follow" me here at Krazo Acres.  Gives my under-inflated ego a bit of a boost.  Sad, I know.  This way I can also check out your blog!  I'm a blog addict.

Of course, I'll have final say to which businesses I list.  Please don't take it personally if I don't post yours.  Let's say you make sweaters for armadillos.  Right now I'm at war with the little buggers so I'm probably not going to want to be reminded of them every time I open my blog. 

Picky?  You bet.  But it's my blog and I can do what I want.

Besides, what do you expect for free advertising on an obscure, no-name blog centered around animal excrement, parasites and weeds?


  1. Great idea, and very generous~! I may take you up on it when I market my Llama Beans this summer!

  2. Ok....I'll bite.
    Exactly what is a Llama Bean? If it's anything like a Goat "berry".........well, good luck on that! :)
    When you're ready, just make a comment on this post.

  3. What a lovely blog! I wanted to pop on over and thank you for visiting our blog and entering the Hodge Podge Give-Away, and wish you luck in winning all those "fabulous prizes." Heehee!

    I dabble in the home-based business, but I'm not sure it will be considered 'homesteady' enough to fit your criteria. I do vinyl graphics (like the wall art, and vehicle graphics) and basic t-shirt graphics.

    I am just in the process of setting up a page on our blog ~ you may have noticed the 'Products Page' in the menu bar while you were visiting. I am going to start with a few things, and continually add to them as time permits. My heart is in doing Christian and inspirational things, but I can do a wide variety.

    I am looking forward to visiting your blog again...and again. By the way ~ sooooooooo jealous of those wild onions you've got growing!

  4. Prairie Farmstead:
    What homesteader wouldn't want the name of their farm on a T-Shirt or sign or wall???
    Give me the web address for the page you want me to link it to & what you want it "Named" in my sidebar.

  5. Fantastic! Thanks, Carolyn Renee. I will work on getting some items listed on our products page as soon as possible, and then I will provide you with the information you have requested.

    Wishing you a very blessed day!

  6. Hi Carolyn Renee! I have finally gotten a little bit of time to start adding some things to my little blog 'marketplace'. If you're still willing to include me in your sidebar, I would be honored. Now that I have things figured out, I should be able to add things much more quickly and frequently.

    You can find the Prairie Farmstead Marketplace at

    Thank you so much! Please let me know if you have any questions.