Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dwarf Gray Sugar Peas, Waltham Butternut Squash, Early Scarlet Globe Radish, Danvers Carrot, Butter Crunch Lettuce, Long Island Mammoth Dill and Seven Top Turnip.  And a basket full of onion starts.

One of the guys from the fire department brought us all this stuff.  He said it was extra from his planting efforts.  Extra?  I think there must be two thousand carrot seeds in that packet and just as many dill, turnip & lettuce seeds.  I swear, this guy must have a Red Bull IV drip.  Not only does he work full time (and goes out looking for MORE work), but apparently gardens like a madman. 
I’m going to have to go over there in the summer and swipe some stuff, I mean, see his gardening efforts firsthand.
Thanks Glen!

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  1. He must buy in bulk! That will last you a very long time. Be sure to store them properly....I must have been careless with my seeds last year because the broccoli is not coming up at all!

    I think I will test the rest of the seeds I plan to use, I don' want to loose two weeks in the garden if they are not viable.

  2. How do you store your seeds? I'm just starting to save seeds. Normally the ones I haven't planted (cheepie store brands) I just keep in a cubbord in the kitchen. But if I'm going to start saving heirloom seeds I suppose I should be more careful with them.