Friday, March 18, 2011

Short Blogging Hiatus

I’ve been neglecting my computer lately.  And it's amazing how much more stuff I get accomplished!  But don't worry my dearest blog addicts, I still need my blogging writing-reading time.  It's cheaper than going to a shrink!

The weather earlier in the week was cold, so since the woodstove was fired up I was able to use it to cook a pork roast and some soup.  The soup recipe is one from Yukon Mike’s Living Prepared blog.  He has several recipes on his site that utilize only dry storage foods.  I had to make some slight modifications to his recipe though as I didn’t have any dry tomato powder or dehydrated carrot.  I normally don’t make tomato-based soups as Paul doesn’t care for them, but I went ahead and made it anyhow. It was a very hearty soup, almost a stew, so I actually added another cup of chicken broth to it.  All in all, a very tasty, very filling soup.

The stove was only lit for that one day as the rest of the week has been sunny and warm.  Beautiful weather for doing outdoor chores and for spending some time with the goats.  I didn’t spend much time with the goat kids last year, so Cloud is still quite skittish around me.  And since she is going to be kidding in two months, I’ve really got to get her warmed up to me.  Not just for helping her with her first kidding, but I’m also going to be milking her and milking a goat that doesn’t want to be milked is definitely not a fun chore.  We’ve made some progress in the past few days.  I still can’t go right up & catch her, but if I sit down she will eventually come by me & let me scratch her head.  Raisins are my bribe of choice.
Nettie finally took her kids outside of the pen yesterday.  They ran around like crazy-bouncing-goat-babies, eventually exhausted themselves and found a box to do some power napping in.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching goat kids running around and playing.  Between them & chicken-watching, who needs a television?? 
I swore I wasn’t going to plant anything this year that we couldn’t eat, but I ended up starting yet another inedible project outside. The wellhead in the front yard had some badly neglected and clumped Day Lilies around it and needed a makeover.  Mom brought me some extra Canna and Iris bulbs so I figured that would be a great spot for them.  So I dug out the grass around it, dug a perimeter trench and made a rock border. 

I had to dig up some of the Day Lily bulbs to make room for the other bulbs so now I have to find another place for them (and another project).  Or maybe I’ll put an ad in the freebie paper and see if someone will swap for some other type of bulb or maybe even some veggie starts....but that means more digging.  Ah, the digging never ends.


  1. the baby goats look soooo cute. is that Stormy on top of the box??

  2. Love to see the babies out and about. I don't think I could get enough of watching them either.

    Funny what you said about not planting anymore inedibles. That's become my motto too.

  3. Christine, Yes that is Stormy!

    tami, I'm trying to stick to that motto....but it's hard to give up free plants & I do have to admit my front yard could definately use some colorful flowers.