Seed Swap

Here's what seeds I have so far for the Seed Swap:

If you'd like some, send me an email with "Seed Swap" in the title to: CarolynRenee at Centurytel dot net

Fruits & Veggies
Peaches (white flesh)
Black Cherry Tomatoes
Banana Squash (not sure if it's a hybrid or not, I just got one to eat at the F.M. & kept the seeds)
Butternut Squash (Waltham's, non-hybrid)
Ground Cherry -The seeds are from what I've got growing wild around the yard / garden and THIS is what I bought from Baker Creek several years ago, but never got them to germinate.  So not sure if they are "wild" Ground Cherries, or just seeds that scattered from my original planting....or both.

Basil - Not sure what variety or if it's "heirloom" quality, but I harvested the seeds anyhow.

"Domestic" Flowers
Lantana - Two different flower colors, one is pink, the other is orange & yellow....but I didn't separate the seeds when I was harvesting them so you may get all of one or some of both.
Hyacinth Bean Vine
Red Cypress Vine
Purple Coneflower

Wild Flowers
Black Eyed Susan
Blazing Star
Morning Glory (Pale Blue)
Morning Glory (Dark Purple)
Moth Mullein
Passion Flower / Maypop

Wild Edibles
Wild Grape
Lambs Quarters - I think I harvested them too late, there's a bunch of "stuff" in the bag I put them in, but I'm not sure if they are seeds.



  1. Ooh, I would love some wild grape and persimmon. This is me begging......I'm going to harvest tons of sunflower seeds. The smaller,tall ones that spread like crazy are in everyone's fields and on the side of the road if you would like some of those :) or I still have some wild strawberry seeds.

    1. Kelly, I'll go pick some of the wild grapes now, but I'm going to wait until the persimmons are ripe, which won't be for another month. Don't let me forget! :)

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I have some Reisentraube Grape & German Cherry tomato seeds as well as California Wonder bell pepper. I think they are all from Baker Creek originally. I saved my first seeds last year & used them in the garden this year & they all did great. Well, until the stupid leaf miner got hold of the tomatoes. The pepper is still producing (the Southeast).

    I would love some Black Cherry tomato as well as some Lambs Quarters.

    I've never done a seed swap. How many seeds do you normally share? And, I presume we'll need to swap addresses in PM.

    1. Hmmm, I've never done a seed swap either so you're guess is as good as mine! I guess the amount of seeds depends on how many I harvested, how many people want them and how prolific! I would think what one would normally find in a store-bought seed packet. But I suppose if one can only share a few that we should make that known before somebody tills up an entire acre to find that they're only getting six seeds :)

      I added my email address at the top of this post so give me a holler & we'll work out the swapping.

    2. Hey Carolyn,

      I sent my address in PM.

  3. I'm saving seeds from my biggest and best sweet peppers (reds and the huge yellow). No guarantee they didn't cross, but you're welcome to have some if you'd like.

    1. I just may take you up on your offer, but not sure yet, got to see what leftover pepper seeds I have still. Thanks :)

  4. We just harvested our Brooks Plums and will have seeds soon. I will check the wild Foxglove for seed. I think my wife also harvested some sunflower seed. I suppose I will just have to look around and see what else we may have available.

  5. Send me your mail address will send ya some seeds for your seed swap, if ya want...