Maurice Lenell Pinwheel Cookies

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  1. Was looking for instructions on how to puff wheat and rice at home. Your site popped up on the search engine. I was laughing and having a good time reading your recipe for Breakfast Cereal. I was trying to tell a gal how I made a knitted or crochet hat and my instructions read a lot like yours. I cook like that too. So, I won't sue you. I tell folks the same thing all the time. I will be back and read some more. Ever hear of Carla Emery's Old Fashioned Recipe Book. I have two copies. It the homesteader woman's bible in my book. It got me through the early years of being a city raised girl dumped in the country with a new hubby many many years ago. The older version has stuff in it she got in trouble for like how to can meat in a water bath canner and such. The newer editions have updated source lists like webpages, etc. This recipe booktells you how to take it from, the seed, or raise, the raw ingredients to the table.