Friday, May 22, 2020

Sneaking back in

Please forgive me if this post is all katywampus; it's been a wee bit since I've logged on to the Blogger site.

I've come back to blog for several reasons, but the final push was because Small Farm Girl ( hinted that she was going to start up again and I'm like, "Not without me, you ain't!!"

The world, as many already painfully know, has officially gone to the crapper.  TwentyTwenty is going to go down in history as "That year pretty much sucked".  So I'm not going to discuss virology or economy or political-ology stuff (not yet, anyways) because frankly, I'm sick of the shit.  And I have only myself to blame because I have taken FB on as my main "outlet" and pushed my blog to the back of the closet (along with my size 10 jeans and high heels that I swear I will mash myself into one day).  It's time to start focusing on the GOOD things, and the things that I personally have control over.

I've been working full time since 2015, so things have obviously changed around the homestead.  Oh, the homestead is still here, if only to provide me with moments of rooster-rage or goat-screaming but  I'm just not the one dealing with it full time now.  Paul is now the sucker - I mean -  the Head Human in Charge, with Rhiannon as his Second in Command.

Following your blogs used to be the highlight of my week.  And I hope to bring that spark of joy back to my life.  And honestly, I miss writing here as well.

Oh, the stories I have to tell.  Some good, some bad, some downright so ugly that you will have to wash your eyes out with lye and then squirt salted lemon juice in them to flush it out.  But tell you about it, I will.

See ya soon!

Stay safe.  Stay well. 


  1. Wahoo and hip-hip-horray! Couldn't be more pleased than to find this post from you this morning. I have missed your posts sooo much. So do tell all, girl, regale us with your adventures and make us laugh. Bring on the dear, sweet, caring, sharing Carolyn at Krazo Acres! Yippee!

  2. As if you could sneak past us! I have so missed the craziness of Krazo Acres! xo