Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Garden Bounty

Although my seedlings are pretty much pathetic, my other garden vegetables are doing much better.  You know, the ones I just planted directly outside.  And didn't do much other than keep the chickens out of the beds and occasionally watered.  While on the other hand, those sad seedlings I spent weeks and weeks on pampering are still waiting to be planted outdoors.  UGB.
Sugar Snap Peas
The peas are doing well (and are pretty tasty right off the vine) although I haven't decided if I'm going to let them get to "pea" size to shell them or pick them early to use in a stir fry.

And I picked a bunch of purple top turnips:

I actually planted this variety last year, but left them in the ground too long and they got tough.  The goats enjoyed them throughout the winter though as what I didn't harvest I kept in the ground and pulled a few at a time for goat-treats.  But this year I made certain to pull them earlier so the humans could enjoy them.

The spinach is long gone as it bolted probably three-plus weeks ago.  Who has spinach bolting in the beginning April???  Wacky winter.  I'm hoping that some of them go to good seed and I'll replant more in the fall. 

Bed full-o Lambs Quarters!
Although I'm out of spinach, I'm still harvesting the "free" lambs quarters, which I'm now liking more than the spinach anyhow.  So much for pampering seedlings.


  1. Salivating over your peas and turnips . . . and your Lamb's Quarters, too! Even our weeds aren't growing well because of lack of sunshine. (Ooops. Did I actually just complain that weeds aren't growing?)

  2. What a difference! While our weeds seem to be making a comeback, everything else is piddley.

  3. I am tired of babysitting my seedlings,too! I have afew that don't look very good but I have put so much time and energy into them that I can't bear to just toss them.

  4. My spinach bolted several weeks ago too. It just seems wrong to have spinach bolting in April! The peas look WONDERFUL! I just got my first pea blossom yesterday and I can't wait - they're my favorites.

  5. I am so flippin jealous of everyone already harvesting... Dang this wacky weather! I am scared to put anything in the ground!

  6. What does lamb's quarters taste like?

  7. Mama Pea, you may be jealous of my early peas & turnips, but I'd give a pinkie digit to have your raised beds!

    Susan, I'm telling ya, next year I'm just eating weeds!

    Tana Mc, I know I'd like to toss the UGB seedlings, but like you, couldn't bear to waste them after all that time invested.

    EcoCatLady, although my peas are producing, there are wayyyy too few of them. Very few blossoms :(

    Tiny Gardener, Just put it out there! Then you can worry about them when there's a freeze warning, go outside in your skivvies in the middle of the night to cover them up!

    nancy, they taste a LOT like spinach, but with more of a "taste". They get a little tough the older they are, but so does spinach and since I tend to cook my lambs quarters instead of eating it fresh, it doesn't matter.

  8. Your outdoor garden is looking really great! My spinach bolted a couple of weeks ago too. :(
    I posted a recipe for Scalloped Turnips on my blog last Wednesday; yummy, yummy!!

  9. Your peas look gorgeous! Something got to every last one of my pea seedlings, just little holes where they were yanked out LOL, the only good thing was that I didn't have to wait for them to be done producing to get that bed back for the beans hahaha!