Friday, May 11, 2012

Peas. Gonna need more peas.

It seems as if I once again underestimated how much we really like peas.  
Flowering peas from a few weeks ago.
Rhiannon and I went out to pick some for a stir-fry for supper tonight and only ended up with half of what we picked.  The other half went directly into our maws.

And now the remaining goodness is being plundered as I sit here typing this post:

So after I'm done blogging, I'm going to have to go out to the garden, weed myself a clear spot and plant more peas.  Not that I should complain.  This is what I always wanted; my family to be able to have good, wholesome, yummy food within picking and munching distance.  

So much for the stir-fry! :)


  1. Is it even possible to have enough peas?? (Especially shell peas -- which we love -- because you have to grow a row 2-1/2 miles long of them to get enough for the freezer!)

    How absolutely fantastic your daughter is growing up snacking on the very best of real food and knowing where it comes from. Can't beat that with a stick!

  2. We have the same problem with strawberries! I try to weed them early in the morning so that I can call it breakfast too....

  3. I am so sad we didn't get any this year. Between getting them in late, a warm winter and new, poor soil I didn't have time to amend first we didn't get but a couple little sprouts. Peas are one of my-and the kids- favorite. Nothing better than raw straight from the garden. I've never been able to plant enough to keep up with demand either. At best I get one bag in the freezer.

  4. Yum. Peas. Is it *ever* possible to plant enough of them? I think not. :)

  5. I'm glad to see Rhiannon enjoys "real" food so much! :)
    I never get enough to freeze, only enough to enjoy in stir-fry and straight up as I'm picking them too!

  6. Can one ever grow enough peas???

  7. Never enough peas! I'm really hurting this year since something ate every last one and I decided to not reseed and go straight to beans! I'm counting on your pea photos to get my pea fix this spring LOL!