Saturday, September 7, 2013

Everybody into the Pew-L

The goose is getting pretty big and I think we've identified him (or her) as an African Goose.

No names have really stuck, but so far he's been called Sally, Goose-goose, Beep-beep and my favorite, Pew-Pew.

He's been pretty good with everyone and has only bit Rhiannon once or twice.  Not that I really blame him as only seconds before one of the "goosings" I saw Rhiannon with her hands gripping his neck like a baseball bat.  So it looks as if we may not have a Christmas Goose for supper.  Not sure if I'm happy about that or not.

Pew-Pew has his own kiddie pool to lounge in, but I have to dump out the water every other day or it gets really nasty.  It would probably be best if I did it every day, but I'm lazy.  I was hoping that giving him his very own swimming pool would keep him from mucking up every other bucket of water, but no such luck.
I put clean water in that bucket for the dogs not five minutes earlier.
I swear, if I put a solo cup of water outside he'd try to cram his butt in it and crap.  And even if he isn't taking a dump in one of the lower-sided water receptacles, he'll rinse his beak out in the 5-gallon water / dog buckets and even the new metal stock tank I got for the goats, leaving an icky, oily residue floating on top.

During evening barn chores, I'll call the goose and he follows me into the goat pen for the night and he's been bedding down in one of the blue barrels we made for goat kid condos.  At first I had to play goat-wrangler trying to corral him down the path to the goat area, but eventually convinced him to come with me every evening by promising a handful of grain when he followed me.  He'd be a sitting duck, er, goose out in the yard at night and I don't really want to explain to Rhiannon why Pew-Pew's feathers are scattered all over the front yard.

For the past few weeks he's been attempting to fly, but just kind of runs on his tippy-toes, flapping like crazy.  Not sure if we'll clip his wings so he stays around here or if I'll just let nature take it's course, wave a fond farewell when / if he manages to take flight and be thankful that I'll no longer have to clean out every single stinking water bucket every single stinking day.


  1. They don't call them foul/fowl for nothing. Pretty goose, Pew-Pew, but this is why I don't have waterfowl. Stinko!

  2. The kids want a goose, but I keep telling them no. Ha ha!

  3. Yep, no doubt about it, geese and ducks . . . eeeuuw, when it comes to their droppings whether on the ground or in water! It's great that he/she isn't nasty because he/she could hurt Rhiannon. Papa Pea will carry the mark forever on his leg where Father Goose got him a good one.

  4. LOL! You should buy him a cheap kiddie pool ")

  5. Pew-Pew looks like a Swan Goose to me.