Tuesday, October 29, 2013

National Cat Day! ! !

Did you know that today is National Cat Day?!?

And as I'm sure any of you who have read this blog for any amount of time knows darned well that I'm thiiiisssssss close to being one of those crazy cat ladies.  If it weren't for Paul and my reluctance to be served divorce papers, I'd have a thousand cats!   Well, maybe not that many.  But probably more than I should have.

So in celebration of National Cat Day (which I can proudly celebrate because as far as I know, this is not a Federal or even State holiday so no taxpayer funds were stolen from the citizens to promote it) I would like to have a little quick giveaway!

But it's going to cost you something in order to enter.
Some of the Cat-tacular chocolates you - yes YOU ! - could win
from Louisa & Millie's Chocolates!
If you'd like to have some cute little kitty chocolates sent to you by my most favorite chocolate shop in the entire universe, Louisa & Millie's Chocolates, you must post a Haiku about cats in a comment here.


And, just to remind those of you who may have forgotten your third grade Haiku assignment, a Haiku is a short Japanese poem with the following parameters:

Three lines of verse, the first having five syllables, the second having seven syllables, and the last having five again.  For example:

Crazy cat lady
Cat hair all over your pants
You get no respect

I will have one of my personal feline companions pick a winner on Halloween morning and announce it sometime that day.  US residents only.  No immediate family (sorry Christine, go get your own darn chocolate).

Good luck!


  1. Cats are the smartest
    Everyone else is stoo-pid.
    I know cuz I'm Cat.

  2. Nicholas. Fat. Cat.
    Does not like turkeys.
    But loves them in stew.

    It's a little dark, I know.. but I'm making dinner and he is "helping."

  3. Barn cats are useful.
    They like to eat lots of mice.
    Keep dad's saddles safe.

  4. I really love cats.
    I wish I could hug them all.
    Big ones and the small.

  5. I love all my dogs,
    but won't cats come when you call,
    love cats best of all :)

  6. Sydney the old cat
    He has lived a good long life
    Here's to many more.

  7. I gaze at your shoe
    and think, ah, such a perfect
    place for me to pee.

  8. Queen Sheba fat cat
    Thinks she owns the farm and barn
    Claws, paws, and a purr.

  9. Not a big cat fan
    One hurt my baby chicken
    Fan of chocolate

  10. REALLY!?!?! I was actually trying to come up with a flippin' poem and all for what...? NOTHING! I feel gypped. (But in all honesty, I did NOT know what a Haiku was, so I guess I don't deserve it...) sigh...

    Good luck everyone else. Apparently being flesh and blood bonded means nothing to this CRAZY CAT LADY.

  11. btw..I really like Leslie's LOL!!!!

  12. Yes, I did do a Haiku, it's number three above!! ;)

  13. Cats are sneaky things
    They eat little things with wings
    Oh! those poor birdies!