Sunday, November 3, 2013

Burning through Daylight Savings

I hate Daylight Savings.  I mean, really.  Not only because it's darker "earlier", but because every stinking year I tell myself that although I will set the clocks back an hour I will still get up at the "normal" time, thus giving myself an extra hour of time to do something-or-other.  This is just as bad as my New Year's Resolution to get up earlier and exercise and not eat so many cookies, etc., etc., etc.

This "getting up earlier" never seems to last for long anyhow (maybe slightly longer than my no-cookies resolution) and then four months later after being accustomed to waking up at the appointed hour, I lose an hour of sleep in order to go back to the previous time schedule.

The goats don't care if it's 6 o'clock or 7 o'clock.  They want to be fed.  Like now.  The chickens are obviously indifferent to the numbers on my watch as the darned roosters will start crowing hours before sunrise and then they march their little feet into the coop about ten minutes before dark regardless of how many times the little wooden cuckoo pokes it's head out of my wooden wall clock. And the cat will wake me up to be fed exactly one hour before the alarm rings, the first stinking morning after the time change (how the hell do they know???).

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all run our lives based upon nature's clock instead of the one on our cellphones?  Back in the olden days, I suspect that is how it happened.  And back in the really, really olden days, I'm betting that once the sun went down, you'd better be hunkered down in your cave or teepee or sod house before the wolves and other nocturnal predators came looking for a late night homo sapien snackie.

But now we've got time clocks to punch, schedules to keep and electricity to light up the darkness when we would normally be hitting the pillow.  All in an attempt to make a day somehow contain twenty-five hours.

Where was I going with this anyways?  You know.....I have no idea.

Maybe I'm just up too late.  But it's "really" only 11 pm instead of midnight, so that's ok.
I'll get around to changing the clock....


  1. I don't like driving home in the dark. I don't seem to mind driving to work in the dark but maybe because I drive East and town is much better lit than out here.

  2. Since we don't 'celebrate' Daylight Savings here in Arizona, the only change we notice is that our TV shows are on at a different time. ;)

  3. I don't like the change either. Who started this brainy idea anyway?

  4. It's thrown me off balance completely. Like my right leg is a foot shorter than the left. It's a completely, totally, stupid idea.

  5. I hate it too! My goats were yelling for food earlier than normal and my chickens wake up and want to be let out before I get my coffee :/ I already miss Summer....................

  6. Let's hope that when our country comes to its senses and decides to take up a truly bipartisan issue, it will be the abolition of this squirrelly "daylight savings time". I'm glad that Arizona has it right (Hawaii does too, but they don't really care what time it is). My golden has to-the-minute accuracy about his dinner-time, but now he grumbles about being made to wait...

  7. It's all a big plan to drive us crazy. As if we need an extra added push. This time of year I really don't mind the "early" darkness in the evening. It just means I have more time for lounging around eating bon-bons. (Chuckle-snort-snort.)

  8. Add me to the list. When I was a kid, I was told DST was for the farmers. Now that I have farm animals, I know that's a crock! The animals wait until the clock says it's time to eat!