Saturday, June 20, 2015

Some Sage Advice

One of my most favorite side dishes is also one of the easiest to prepare.

No, it's not me opening a bar of chocolate, but making oven roasted potatoes.

I chop up white, red and sweet potatoes, drizzle olive oil over them and sprinkle them liberally with herbs, salt and pepper.  And that's it.  Then they go in the oven (with the chicken we had last night).

My favorite herb combo for roasted potatoes included sage, rosemary, oregano, parsley, salt & pepper and I'll sometimes put a shake or two of garlic powder on it.  Last year I was able to harvest and dry a bunch of herbs from my continually expanding herb garden and have been using those in the kitchen.  I've recently discovered how much I enjoy sage so my stash from last year is dwindling.

But no worries.  My sage plant overwintered last year and bloomed beautifully last month.  The flowers were filled with bees and I even got a good picture of a hummingbird moth visiting for a snack.  I should probably look into propagating some it as I believe the time is just about right to take some cuttings.

It's also high time I went out there to harvest some more sage as well as the chocolate mint for drying.  Not satisfied with just taking over the herb garden, the mint seems to have plans on taking over the entire front yard and I may have to issue an herbal restraining order on it soon (i.e. whack it back with the weed whacker).


  1. I bet a tied up goat would do some damage to that mint as well.

  2. So I've always wondered . . . what does the chocolate mint taste like? I know you've said (sadly) there really is no chocolate flavor. But how would you say it differs from just plain old mint?

    Your roasted tater recipe does sound easy. And yummy. Why haven't I thought of it?? Now I will try it. Thank you very much, Ms. Carolyn Renee!

  3. Carolyn,

    We love potatoes roasted with olive oil and fresh herbs. We also add fresh parsnips, beets, and carrots to the potatoes..............omg, it's like eating candy :-)

    Mint will take over anything unless you confine it. I found out the hard way one year.

  4. We luv sweet potatoes thrown in...candy candy!
    Could mail me some of that mint!? Will send ya shipping $$$

  5. That's a pretty moth, we see them too at times. I grow rosemary and sage, we love extra sage at Thanksgiving. Hopefully our potatoes will do well, they are the only thing growing well here.

  6. PP, I'm not sure if the goats would eat the mint, they don't like other strong stuff like garlic / onions, and even if they did I'd have to keep my milkers away from it 'cause I'm afraid it would taint the milk.

    MamaPea, it tastes like a strong mint, not quite peppermint, but very strong. The only reason I can see that they call it Chocolate Mint is that it reminds me of the mint smell from Andes Chocolate Mints.

    Sandy, I LOVE parsnips! I've roasted them with the taters before along with just about any root vegetable and it IS like candy!

    M.E.Masterson, email me at CarolynRenee at centurytel dot net!

    Kathy, I don't know WHY I never used sage before!!

  7. I think the chocolate mint has a sweeter flavor than regular mint. It's really good in drinks. Although, my chocolate mint actually died. lol