Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees.... - Alfred Noyes

It’s been really, really windy since about 5 pm last night & it’s past one in the afternoon now.  It’s died down some, but the blowing & howling last night was terrible!  Anything that was on the front porch had been blown to the next county.  Anybody seen my BBQ cover??
I’ve been meaning to blog about winter storm preps for about two weeks now.  I was given a little “nudge” last night as our power went out while I was downstairs with Rhiannon.  I was at the computer & she was playing with her blocks when it went off.  She didn’t freak out or anything but it was a little difficult “finding” her as she went totally silent and I had to feel my way around furniture & try not to trip over toys on the floor before I could pick her up.   I hollered for Paul to get a flashlight so we could make it up the stairs without incident.  There are flashlights upstairs by the nightstands, junk drawer & front door, but none downstairs.  Yet.  We have several good oil lamps upstairs, matches & lighters close by so we’re pretty well set for lighting.  Rhiannon can get up on the chairs & tables now so we have to be extra careful not to leave any unattended for even a minute. 
So, are YOU ready for winter?  Even if it doesn’t get really cold where you live, are you ready for a power outage?  Some of you may have read “The 2009 Ice Storm” blog I posted before.  Now THAT was a real test for our storm preps.  We did pretty well, but of course we’ve been lax about it now that it’s over.
Starting tomorrow, I’m going to try to do a blog each day focusing on a different aspect of Winter Preparedness.  Until then, I’m going to spend some time cleaning up the yard from all the junk that’s blown around and chuck more wood into the stove as it’s getting a bit chilly upstairs.

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