Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Colorful Salad & Cookie Conundrum

We had soup, salad, bread & baked potatoes for dinner last night.  I started making the salad & just had to take a picture of the non-lettuce part of it.

How colorful it is!  Too bad it’s all store-bought veggies (boooo!); but hopefully by this summer, I’ll be able to replicate it with our own produce.
Yukon Mike over at Living Prepared posted a recipe for some Whole Wheat Oatmeal Cookies about a week ago.  I didn’t read the entire post as I was mesmerized by the pictures he took of the cookies, but I saved the page for future reference.  I was in a cookie-making mood yesterday so I pulled up the page and managed to take my eyes off the cookie pictures long enough to write down the recipe.
After I went into the kitchen to assemble the needed ingredients, I noticed that I missed writing down an ingredient or two; namely the butter and eggs parts.  Hmmm.  I must have still had half my brain looking at the cookie pictures and the other half only barely managing to fire off enough neurons to make my hand pick up the pen and scribble down his recipe.
So I pulled the page back up on the computer to copy the recipe correctly this time.  But alas, I had copied the recipe accurately.  Had I taken the time to read his entire post (instead of fixating on the cookie pics), I would have known that the butter / eggs omission was in fact, on purpose. 
It was his intention to make a cookie recipe using dry storage foods.  Now how cool is that? 
You can check out the recipe (and some cookie porn) on his blog by clicking "Here".
Oh, I did make the cookies. 

And now I’m going to have to shake off my keyboard as there are still crumbs all over it.


  1. That has to be the prettiest salad ever.
    I have a super recipe for oatmeal cookies so don't know if I will try this one or not, but they look delicious.

    For lunch today I am doing chicken salad sandwiches with homemade whole wheat bread, and a glass of Willow's milk....no dessert or soup...or salad. Some how the homemade bread takes it out of the realm of just a sandwich.

  2. So are they good? BTW...Love the new look of the blog...

  3. The cookies were definately not an "ordinary" cookie. It was more like a dense, sweet biscuit than a crispy or fluffy cookie, but tasted good. I liked it for Rhiannon as it took her a little longer to eat it because it was dense. Not going to replace my regular oatmeal cookie, but it was nice to know I could make something without the butter & eggs, just in case you know! It's still going in my recipe box though.

  4. Thanks! Figured it was time to get some "Spring" looking background here.

  5. I loooove the new look - easier for my old eyes to read - AND, it's green!! What could be more appropriate?!

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    The salad looks great! Now I'm hungry...

    Glad you tried the cookies and that you understand that I’m about cooking and baking from dry bulk food storage, nothing from the refrigerator or freezer. My recipes will not or should not ever win a cooking contest but if we ever find ourselves with the grid down for 2 or more weeks at least we can have some sort of normalcy with our everyday eating from dry stored food.

    I find it is very challenging to cook good tasting food from nothing but dry stored foods but it can be done, just takes a lot of effort, recipe tweaking and a clear understanding that what we’re used to tasting will not be quite attained but very close, plus a heck of a lot more healthy for us. With all my recipes it’s about emergency eating or for back packers and RV people who must travel light or need to cook over a camp fire. The best part is the bottom line; it will always beat standing in a FEMA food line!

    The three big items I avoid in my survival cooking are fresh eggs, butter and oils, all of which do not store. This makes cooking or baking a real challenge.

    When you can, try my Barley, Lentil and Rice soup. It is really good and really cheap to make!

    By the way the cookies get better after a couple of days… and if you can think of a way to make them softer/chewier let me know.

    Thanks for the kind words,