Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sometimes you're the Stud, sometimes you're the Soup.

It was quite peaceful around the chicken coop today.  One of Paul’s co-workers took the remaining of the pecker-headed roosters.  He has a new batch of hens and wanted a rooster for his new ladies.  Lucky for him as he would have ended up as soup (the rooster, not the co-worker) as soon as I had time to butcher his butt.
So now we’re down to one rooster here at Krazo Acres.  The hens, rooster & I are all much happier now.  Our egg count has been steadily climbing for the past few weeks; today’s tally was nine.  It’s nice to have enough eggs for the family again and extra to sell to help with chicken feed costs.

The ladies hanging out under the overgrown forsythia bush.

And fresh milk is just around the corner.
Barn Cat has also been coming around on a regular basis.  He even “meowed” back to me last night when I was bringing the cat chow out to him.  I feel so special.


  1. It is a delight to have fresh eggs again! Our girls are laying pretty good now too. We get from 3 to 10 daily now. I think if the weather ever warms up, they will do even better.

    Willow is still cooperating and keeping us and two calves in milk.

    Life is good on the farm.

  2. Do you use goat milk, or did you mean cow? We're thinking maybe a dairy goat, but I'm worried it may escape and eat my whole garden. lol

    Our hens are back on track, as well. So nice to have real eggs again!

  3. Our ladies were happier with only one rooster too. And so were we!

  4. gld, you know, life IS good!

    Country Wife, We have goats. My milkers are Saanens. I mentioned getting a cow before, but DH gave me one of those "If you bring home a cow I'm going to divorce you" looks.

    Leigh, it's much, MUCH more peaceful around here now!

  5. LOL..that was the look I got when I mentioned getting a pig!