Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Animal Meet n' Greet

I'm always tickled when I see pictures of all your animals (especially the kitties!!) so I'm at a loss as to why I don't post more pictures of my critters.  So for your viewing pleasure, I'd like to introduce you to our "house" animals....

Here is Evil Kitty, pretending to be evil:

The more sophisticated Susan:

Old lady kitty Crackers:

Moonshine the Wonder Mutt:

And our newest addition, the Laziest Puppy Ever, Charlie:

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  I'll try to get the livestock in a photogenic mood tomorrow.


  1. Everyone looks very comfortable lol.Pup is growing too.Got snow yet?

  2. Wow! Look at the fangs on Evil Kitty! I wouldn't want to mess with her. I love the picture of Rhiannon and the Giant Puppy - it won't be long before you will need a wide angle lens.

  3. Oh, the preciousness... I just want to scoop up that puppy and give him big smooches!

  4. Love the picture of Moonshine :) but it did leave me wondering how he ever got up on that hay bale with those short legs.

  5. Cute kitties! Omg! Charlie is nearly the size of Rhiannon! Wasn't he like, 1/2 that size a week ago??

  6. Annnightflyer, no snow here...and not looking forward to any either :)

    Susan, Evil Kitty does look quite vampire'esque, doesn't she?

    EcoCatLady, I'm sure he'd appreciate a hug, although doubt he'd notice as he's constantly sleeping.

    The Family, you'd be amazed at how high she can jump, although it probably took her a try or two.

    Tiny Gardener, Yeahhhhhhh.....gett'n big. Definitely getting big.

  7. Cute pics!! Love the candid shots. Precious.

  8. I must have missed your getting Charlie! I need to go back and see what he is.

    It is rare I catch ours asleep....

    Enjoyed seeing your critters.

  9. Awwww...they are all so cute! I love the picture of Crackers by the wood stove, that's where our Bob cat would be too!

  10. Looks like the puppy has settle right in and made himself at home, adorable picture of the two of them napping on the floor.