Friday, December 14, 2012

On the 14th Day of Christmas....

My True Love gave to me...
Fourteen Bales of Hay!!

I don't know if I've been too generous with the hay lately or if the bales were lighter or smaller, but what I though was going to be just enough to get us through to Spring's first cutting was beginning to look not quite adequate.

Round bales of a bermuda mix are going for $60 a bale here.  So when Paul mentioned that a guy at work found a place that was selling good looking rounds for $30, I asked him to make the trip.  He had to take the day off work and the drive & loading took him the entire day as it was a 370 mile round trip.  Add approximately $100 in fuel costs and the bales ended up costing less than $38 each.

We're now set for hay until next summer, maybe even fall!

Unless I get a cow.

Paul got a puppy, I don't see why I shouldn't get a cow.

Update:  Speaking of cows, you've GOT to watch this video clip over at The Stockpot!!!  Just make sure you don't have to go to the bathroom or are drinking coffee / tea.


  1. Thanks for the warning! Riot!

    I do believe you are going to get a lot of mileage out of this puppy...milk it (get it???) for all it's worth! 38 bucks for Bermuda mix round bales? That is a completely amazing deal!

  2. Congrats on finding afforable hay, and lots of it, Do you want a cow?

  3. ROTFLMAO over the video!!
    What a great deal you found on the hay!

  4. Glad you found some good hay at a very reasonable price!

    That is such a good feeling knowing that your animals are taken care of for the winter.

    Speaking of cows, Willow just got bred again. The Jersey will have to wait a while. I don't want both of them fresh at the same time. Willow could run with the beef herd but the Jersey wouldn't fare well doing that.

  5. That is a great price and so much hay. What a great stroke of luck! Where are you going to store it all?

  6. Now that's what I call a fantastic Christmas present! (Although a cow would be fantastic.)

  7. I hope to get a cow too. Good deal on the hay.

  8. No! No! Girl get that piggie. Or TWO!!!!

    They will pay you back in spades!


  9. Ah, I missed it, the video has been roomed! Great find on that hay!