Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's time to update your wardrobe....

....when your teapot is better dressed than you are:

I received this teapot cozy from a dear friend.  Aren't those the most beautiful colors?  And although I at first wondered about the actual functionality of the cozy, I was convinced that it was both form and function as when I went to grasp the handle, it was hot!  Normally the handle is just lukewarm, so the cozy obviously is doing it's job.

Feeling a bit grubby and lazy in my sweatpants and probably-should-be-made-into-rags sweatshirt, I decided to put on a pair of jeans without poop or mud on a nice pair of jeans and a newer fuzzy sweater.

Since I live on a farm, I tend to neglect my appearance and wardrobe.  The only two humans that see me on a daily basis are Rhiannon and Paul.  Rhiannon thinks just putting her pants on in the morning is more than adequate and unless I'm wearing a SpongeBob or dinosaur shirt she could care less what I wore.  And Paul is away from the house ten hours of the day so what's the point of getting spiffied up?  Even though I may not be leaving the homestead, I should really make sure I'm not dressing like one of those Wal-Mart crazies.  On more than one occasion I've been surprised by either the delivery man or a "turn-around" while outside tending to the my pajamas or sweatpants/shirt and lacking a certain upper body support system.

So I think that one of my New Year's Resolutions will be to be more presentable.  It's not like I have to go out and buy clothes, I just have to take a few minutes and dig through my closet.  Hopefully I'll be able to fit in those old pants.

If you're having trouble fitting into your "skinny pants", consider coming over to Twinkies and Treadmills.  There are already several of us over there providing encouragement and entertainment, so if you'd like to join us, just let me know!


  1. I do hate that blasted upper body support thing! But when you gain weight, guess where a lot of it goes.....then support is necessary or you can know yourself unconscious when running or walking fast..............

    I did long ago due to the example of my 'perfect' MIL, get up and apply my makeup daily.....still do it, not so much for looks now as for protection.

    You can bet, the day I dress like a WM crazy, someone will ring the doorbell!

  2. I think we are twins seperated at birth!!!! I call my pajamas my uniform! Somedays I will not even put on real clothes. I will take a bath and put jammies back on! I told the hubs I should have named this place jammie farm LOL!!!! I decided to buy some new clothes, the only thing I got so far is a pair of pj pants and two pj shirts!!!!!

  3. Having to appear all week in 'professional' clothes which include the dreaded upper body support system, I fall completely the other way on weekends. The public be damned. I figure that, with enough layers, no one will guess that I have skipped the support system.

  4. I bought myself a Genie bra. They're not all they are hyped up to be, and it gives me one big uniboob, but at least it's comfortable enough to wear day and night and keeps me from tripping over them.

  5. I am actually good about getting dressed every day. Sometimes not until after noon but, hey, at least I made it!! LOL!!

  6. P.S. Your new tea cozy is lovely!! :)

  7. Have you been looking in my windows? This is me to a tee!!!!!