Thursday, April 4, 2013

Strike Three....'re an Enchilada!

For the past couple of weeks I've been noticing a little pool of egg goo in the nest boxes, or if there were a bunch of eggs together, some of them would have dried up yolk on them.  Somebody was eating eggs.  

About two weeks ago I found a hen in the nest box with dried up yolk on her beak.  I threw took her out of the nest box.  Then a day later I saw the same hen in the coop, picking at some egg goo on the coop floor.  Coincidence?

Well, a few days ago the suspected egg-eater was in the nest box with fresh yolk on her beak.  I've never had to butcher a laying hen before, but her time is up.  The fact that this was also one of the hens that were making their way into the garden (which is fenced in, and I had already clipped her wings) and scratching up my blueberry plants kind'a sealed the deal.

I was hoping to use this situation as a learning experience.  Paul's sister and her son were in for the holiday weekend (thus the lack of posts....mostly because I'd eaten so much ham and Easter Pizza that I couldn't drag my bloated body over to the computer) and I figured he could brush up on his biology (i.e. butcher the hen for me).

Well, lucky for the hen, we didn't get around to it.  We were kept busy at the fish hatchery, by  back-pain inducing hikes, shooting zombies and making the traditional family Easter Pizza.  The adults enjoyed a bottle of Clontarf.  Those under twenty one had to be happy kissing baby goats or practicing their double-tap on the local zombies.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!!

Making the 20 lb. Easter Pizza

I think Ben could get on Walking Dead with these shots!
Post Easter Pizza Eating hike around the property

Even after the family fun filled weekend, I haven't forgotten about the egg-eating hen.  She is still destined to become supper, just a little later than I had planned. 


  1. Ha ha! I love the "Smooch" photo!

  2. You would think she'd have the brains to wipe off her beak when she heard you coming! Dumb Chick.

  3. There is nothing worse than an egg-eating hen. I hear they make great soup! Love the pictures, especially that smoochable goatie. Is Easter Pizza a special kind of pizza, or just pizza you eat on Easter? And what the heck is Clontarf and am I old enough to be told??

  4. Carolyn,

    I love your family pictures at the fishery and the farm.

    No one said chickens were smart, your little miss needs to walk lightly and have eyes on the back of her head now that she's a target for homemade enchiladas.

  5. Do chickens have tongues to clean away the evidence?

  6. I wanna know what an Easter Pizza is, too. Is it something I really need to make next Easter?

    Not much you can do with an egg-eating hen other than make enchiladas. Or chicken and dumplings. Or chicken pot pie. Or chicken salad. Or wild rice soup with chicken. (And if you made the soup, my husband would call for directions to your house as it's his favorite.)

  7. I was able to break one hen of that habit, just took a couple of days....

  8. Kristina, that was a great photo, although I don't think Ben liked the idea of being caught on camera kissing livestock.

    Donna, most definitely a birdbrain.

    Susan, Easter Pizza is from Paul's side of the family. Basically it's a huge stuffed pizza made with ricotta, eggs, Italian sausage, parsley, garlic salt. And you have to eat it cold. Don't ask me why, I ain't gonna be the one to break a multi-generational tradition. Clontarf is an Irish whiskey. Which goes great with cold stuffed cheesy pizza.

    Sandy, she's supper. Doesn't matter how she walks now 'cause those feet are going to be made into soup stock.

    Chai Chai, tongues, yes. Smart enough to lick the evidence off, no.

    Mama Pea, see my comment to Susan about the Easter Pizza. But basically it's a ricotta cheese stuffed pizza, eaten cold.

    Nancy, ok, now I have to know how you did it. Or did it just take you a couple of days to butcher/eat her? :)

  9. Sounds like that chicken's days are numbered and good riddance! Love the idea of Easter Pizza, especially cold! :)

  10. I think you answered my question about the pizza above.

    We had the dried yolk in some nests for a time or two and on some finally stopped. I would eliminate the culprit too.

  11. That chicken will taste good LOL, revenge... Easter pizza sounds like a cool tradition!