Monday, April 15, 2013

Week in Review

Don't ask me where I've been.  Because I honestly couldn't tell you.  I mean, I think I've been busy.  I'm pretty sure I haven't been watching Oprah.

Well, I could show you a few pictures of where we may of may have not been in the past week, because I'm going to have to rely on them in order for me to figure out what happened the past seven days.

Paul went fishing on the river and brought some trout home.  They were promptly smoked and eaten.

Paul spent more time on the dozer, downed some trees and cleaned out another area where we'll be able to add more raised beds for the raspberry / blackberries and hazelnut bushes.  

Not sure if he's going for a hugelkultur kind of thing or if he is just using the logs as a bed border because he's sick and tired of chopping & splitting firewood.  The logs will serve two purposes; to keep the compost/dirt in and to to keep rainfall from washing down the hill.  He hauled a truck load of kind'a composted mule poo and shoveled it behind the logs, but the chickens have already scratched and scattered most of it to oblivion.  Not sure what I'm going to do about those darned chickens; I'll never have anything planted more than ten seconds before they decide to scratch it up.  

This weekend I sold New Goat's buckling to a farm where he will have the company of about a half-dozen other ladies to keep him happy.  I've also sold the remaining three kids and am just waiting until they're ready to be weaned and sent off to their new homes.  

Oh, and the ultimate excitement for the weekend was this:

Although Paul did pitch a fit about me being a horrible mother and letting our daughter fall off a sheep.  Yeah, she fell off (although technically, EVERYONE falls......that's how you GET off the sheep!) and cried because she got a mouth full of arena dirt.  The entire pre-Mutton Bust'n time, she was all like "I wann'a ride the sheep!!!" and then after her sheep riding stint, she was all like "I don't wann'a ride the sheep!!!".

By time we got home that evening, she was back to "I wann'a ride the sheep!"  

Women.  Just can't make up their minds!


  1. Yea, it's ALWAYS fun until you hit the dirt. Love the last picture - she is ready to roll!

  2. Isn't it funny how you can go full-steam ahead every day, all day long, all week and then come the weekend have a hard time figuring out where the days went and what the heck you did during them? (Now there's an intelligently written sentence if I've ever seen one.)

    That little munchkin of yours is as cute as could be. If you're smart, you'll stop feeding her so she doesn't grow big and leave you.

  3. Oh that poor sheep LOL! I have to admit that's pretty darn cute though! That will be a great berry patch, I think it's safe to assume you haven't been watching Oprah LOL

  4. What a nice mess of fish, yum!
    Around here we call them young'uns Woolie Wranglers ma'am! :)

  5. Wonder if officials check to see if you sew some velcro into her jeans for next time. Cute photos.

  6. Carolyn,

    I am so jealous, those are really nice looking trout. Paul you did a great job fishing my friend. The winds were bad here, we had to cancel going fishing :-(

    Beautiful pictures of your daughter, she had a blast riding that sheep even though she ended up with some dirt in her mouth.

  7. Looks like your girl had a blast!! Too fun, thanks for the smile. :)

  8. At least she didn't have far to fall! I was afraid she had been on the horse in the background.

    Nice catch of fish.

    You need to build a large enclosed pen for those grazing chickens....We did and now I don't have to worry about the garden.

  9. This is a huge tradition in Texas that the kids have a ball doing --- it's always such fun, especially when the kids hang on sideways, such determination!