Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thankful for a rainy day

This past winter, Paul has been working on getting a fence line cleared and three weeks ago I spread grass seed over the open area.   Paul then hooked up a big cedar tree to the tractor and drug it across the area to get the seed smooshed in a bit.  We were lucky enough to time it right with Mother Nature that we had a nice light rain soon afterwards and again about a week later.

The fence line and the open area right around it will provide grazing for Ms. Melman (the mule) and the wooded interior will provide plenty of browse for the goats.

For the past week, it's been pretty hot and I've been worried about the newly forming grass.  The area is really too far away from the house to use the hose on it so we were just going to have to pray that rain would come before all those new little delicate shoots became crispy and dead.

Just before I started to really worry, we got rain!  Yesterday evening we had a rainstorm.  Not for long, but enough to ease my hydration worries.  And today it's overcast and sprinkling!

4/20: Just seeded
5/6: Little bit o' green showing
5/16: More green! 
So even though it's a bit gloomy out and not very conducive for gardening or playing outside, I'm happy for the moisture.  Besides, there is plenty to do indoors.  Like make cookies.  Or a cake.  Or banana bread.....

PS - Oh Bonnie Williams......were are you?  You won the giveaway & I cannot guarantee that this big honking bar of chocolate will last much longer in this chocolate-loving household!! :)


  1. Congrats on your grass success! You give me courage that when we will seed in the fall, we'll have some luck with our own pasture!

  2. That's greening up nicely! Just don't let the damn chickens out there... I prefer gardening in the mostly cloudy weather. Then I don't have to worry about forgetting my sunblock. Which I always do. That space is really going to be nice to have. And don't the goats just love browsing!

  3. It's looking great. I'm praying for rain, because my indoor work is getting neglected with all this outdoor work already.

  4. Carolyn, I have to ask; Not everyone has their own CAT to play with. Is this something you purchased just for the farm or does Paul need it for a business?

  5. Mary Ann, getting pasture established seems like such an easy thing to do....just plant some grass seed, right?! Hope yours goes well this fall.

    Susan, luckily (for the chickens) the area is just a wee bit farther than their normal foraging range....otherwise I'd be plinking them with the pellet gun!!

    Kristina, We sure are picky about our weather, aren't we? We want rain when we want it, want sun when we want it. Too bad Mother Nature isn't so compliant.

    Mike, Paul bought the dozer as an investment and to use at our place & then sell it. Thought he got a good deal but ended having to do craploads of work on it. Once he's finished with it he wants to trade it for something smaller that he can use for us and business. The D6 is too big to haul without a special truck and permit. Outside Kitty really likes sleeping on it though, so maybe I'll make him keep it!

  6. Yep, I was going to comment on Paul's big yellow Tonka toy. Oh, how my husband would love to have a piece of equipment like that! He's been talking for a couple of years about clearing a piece of woods so we'd either have more hay field or a place to pasture a cow.

    Glad to hear you got the rain just when needed. It's hard to believe that we are actually in a dry state now given the heavy, wet snows we had late this spring. But we've had no rain since the snows. Some rain forecast for this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. I've had to water everything I've been getting in the garden. Mother Nature does not seem to be in the best of moods lately, does she?

  7. Carolyn,

    I'm glad you got the rain you needed to help with the grass seeds planted. The area Paul cleared looks really nice, I love when new grass comes in that beautiful bright green color.

    The boys here would love to have Paul's dozer :=) and my property would be totally torn apart.

  8. That's pretty nice that rain actually does come when it's needed! The grass is growing nicely already! :)