Saturday, June 15, 2013

Breakfast of Champions

Paul went out on the lake last night with a friend.  I crammed a supper of roast chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, fried green beans and corn on the cob down their maws before Rhiannon & I waved them off into the sunset, pulling the fishing boat behind them.

About 6:30 this morning, I hear the distant rumble of a Cummins diesel engine and hurried to put on a pot of coffee.  Paul & friend look happy and friend is lugging out a cooler and it appears to be heavy (a good sign!).

A bucket full o' fish!  Catfish, large mouth bass, crappie,
white bass, and my favorite...walleye!
Friend took two walleye and left the rest for us.  Paul got working on filleting the bounty as soon as he set a table up, got his fillet knife & glove on and we ended up with just under six pounds of super-fresh, right out'ta the lake down the road, good eat'n fish!

Some of which we had for breakfast, not a half hour ago:

Fresh egg from our chickens, homemade whole wheat toast
and pan fried walleye & catfish!
Rhiannon and I are planning our morning & afternoon, but without Paul.  At least for a while.  He's already in bed and snoring away!


  1. Nice catch!! That is a fantastic real food breakfast - looks good. :) Have a great day - get some sleep, Paul.

  2. Boy, when you said Paul went "out on the lake last night" you really meant ALL NIGHT! (That's the kinda boys' night out I approve of!)

    We love, love, love fresh fish and your breakfast looks fantastic.

    Paul really brought home the bacon. I mean fish.

  3. Now that's a good catch!!! I love Walleye too!!!! We use to catch it all the time up in Lake Erie. MMMMMM

  4. Carolyn,

    Yum fresh fish for breakfast, did you save some for your blogger friends?

    Paul and his friend did great with catching the fish. Plenty to add to the freezer for future meals.

    Did I say, I'm jealous??

  5. OH my that meal looks so good. The fish looks awesome!

  6. Holy crap, that looks awesome! A long time ago, our old roommate brought us some fresh trout her boyfriend caught, and it was seriously the best fish I ever had. I wish Hubby didn't get sea sick at the drop of a hat, then we could have fresh fish.

    Dang I'm jealous!!!!

  7. Just to be accurate, I’d like to clear up exactly what the “Breakfast of Champions” really is. I and my fishing buddies have worked on this recipe for many years and has been perfected by us. The “Breakfast of Champions” is simply beer and doughnuts! :-)

  8. Fish for breakfast! My grandparents and my parents would have loved it.....not I. Of course, I don't really like fish except for crappie so I shouldn't comment.

    They did have a very good crop!

  9. That surely is the Breakfast of Champions...Champion Fishermen!! I'm jealous too of all that lovely fish, yum!! :)

  10. There is nothing - NOTHING - like fresh fish for any meal. When I lived near Lake Erie, we used to fish for lake perch. OMG. It was so completely and totally awesome. Now you've got me hankering for fish! And do you know how hard it is to find fresh fish up here? Sigh.

    1. P.S. You could cram that pre-fishing dinner down my maw any day... :)

  11. Mooberry, REAL food is great, ain't it? Especially when it comes to fish in this house, we only eat it if we (or a friend) caught it.

    Mama Pea, if only EVERY Boy's night out was like that, although in all honesty, Paul seldom has any other kind of night out. I keep him chained up in the basement dontyaknow.

    SFG, Walleye is probably my favorite fish with catfish a close second. Unfortunately the are more difficult to catch :(

    Sandy, I'm going to have to force myself to freeze some because I want to eat it ALL NOW!

    Kristina, I could have that kind of breakfast several times a week....if only Paul would catch more fish!

    Tiny, leave hubby at home & you go out & catch some!

    Mike Yukon, I'm surprised to see "doughnuts" in there!

    gld, I think I like it more now because it's so seldom we have it (says the lady who lives only minutes away from the lake AND river).

    Candy, I'm hoping he's a champion again this weekend!

    Susan, given the climate / lake temps / whatever, perch are not common here. I think the only reason we have walleye is because the game & fish stock the lake.