Saturday, June 22, 2013

Want to read something REALLY frightening?

Ok, you all know I'm still upset about the Farmers Market thing, but I just had to share this website I came across this morning.

Government is Good

And just so my left wing, pro-government, I "heart" Obama readers (do I actually have any of those?) know, I did read many of the articles this douchebag (Yes, I allow myself to resort to name calling.  Childish, maybe.  But I am nothing if not honest) wrote.

And I'm really not sure if the website is a joke or not.  If you want a good laugh, or a reason to take a few more ibuprofen this morning, check out this website and please tell me that I'm not the only one who is dumbfounded by what is written in there.

He does make some valid observations, such as, "As seen earlier, most of us would like to increase – not cut – spending on social programs like health care and education." (Notice how nothing is mentioned about improving the existing system or making sure it's being run efficiently, just "lets throw more money at it").

Well, as sad a statement as that is, it is partially true.  There are a  LOT of people who would like to increase spending on social programs.  You know.  The ones who would rather sit on their asses instead of working.  Would rather accept food stamps than have to spend their own money on food so they can spend it on cigarettes and flat screen TV's or iphones.  The ones who want the state to take responsibility (both financially and physically) of their children's meals, health, supervision, educations.

What is troubling is the fact that this man does not even consider the fact that all those social programs have to be paid by someone ELSE.  Just because 51% of a group of people demand or vote for more "free stuff" does not make it right.  Mob rule is not right.

Or, how about this?  That maybe those programs and regulations are Un-Stinking-Constitutional in the first place.  By reading some of the articles, I would have to assume that the writer has never even glanced at the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution or The Bill of Rights.

Government Coercion Can Be Good
Taxes are Good
Why We Need More Government
More Government Does Not Equal Less Freedom

Those are just some of the topics this website has to offer for your reading amusement.  There are people out there like this man, pushing this insane agenda, coddling to the leaches of society and telling them that their vote can be bought for the price of a SNAP card.

I'm not an Anarchist.  I'm well aware that there are valid reasons for the establishment of a government (passing out free cell phones is definitely not one of them).  But this person apparently wants one where we scrap our original document of independence, our original restraints on government and just march all together in ignorant bliss to the drums of the current liberal agenda.

My only regret in having posted this and his website is that I would have contributed to the number of "hits" on his page, thus probably making him erroneously assume that others actually agree with his opinions.

Know thy enemy.


  1. I really, really do NOT understand the mentality of the people who write this kind of stuff! There is no free lunch people!! If it's free to you that means *I* or someone like me had to pay for it and it seems that THEY THINK THAT IS OKAY!
    I have never in my life gotten a handout from the government (not even unemployment) and I can't see myself ever accepting one. Our parents and grandparents would have been offended if someone from the government tried to give them the 'free stuff' that too many people nowadays expect as their right.
    P.S. Nope, no I *heart* Obama or socialism reader here!!

  2. I think this comment sums it up nicely.

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.”

    ― Margaret Thatcher

  3. I love that last Thatcher comment!

    Now ,child, you know the government knows the best way to spend your money and how best you should live and when you should go to the doctor and how many tests a year you should get.

    I was stunned the last time I saw a doctor and she held up a list with all these tests she recommended! I passed on all of them! She was very annoyed with me.

    I do believe some welfare programs are necessary and I do not resent some of my tax money funding them.

  4. I'm not against EVERY government program, there actually are legitimate reasons for having SOME of them. But it seems that the state keeps pushing and the people just keep taking it and the people just shrug their shoulders and go back to watching Dancing with the Stars.

    I don't have a problem with going to the doctor, although I'm sure they'd like to see me several times a year, just "because". If it weren't for modern medical innovations my daughter probably wouldn't be here today. But honestly, how can you take doctors seriously now when their practice depends on putting you though as many tests & visits as possible just to stay in business?

  5. I don't get it either. I do love that Margaret Thatcher quote as well. Here, it ends up being the middle class that always foots the bill. The lower class is always exempt and the upper class always finds ways to pass it on.