Thursday, July 25, 2013

Better Homes and Gardens

...or in my case,

Adequate Shelter and Weeds.  Doesn't have the same catchy ring to it, does it?

Anyhow.  While I was busy doing my Thursday Bake-A-Thon in anticipation for tomorrow's Farmer's Market (which I am actually still doing), Rhiannon and Grandma refurbished a plain Jane, cheap-o particle board bookcase:

And turned it into this:
It's difficult to see in the picture, but the back of the
bookcase is painted a light pink.  How girly!
The bookcase is one more project that we (with Grandma's help and nagging, I mean, powers of persuasion) have been working on in order to finally reclaim my bedroom and living room.  When Rhiannon was born, she had her crib in our bedroom.  Her clothes were in my closet.  Her baby bathroom necessities filled the master bath.  And her toys and books filled the entire upstairs bookcase.

It's not like I want to make it look like our house is void of my toddler or her toddler related items, but I have been craving a little "adult only" space.  The bedroom, my closet, and the bathroom (almost) have been emptied of building blocks, stuffed animals and Dr. Seuss books.  Although I've been gradually making my space my space again, I'm sure that we'll find the occasional lost dinosaur in my shoes or Goodnight Moon stuffed in between my Peterson's Field Guides.  But I don't mind.

With the exception of today, we've had four - count 'em - four days of rain.  Mostly intermittent downpours, but still we're still very grateful for it.  My new squash & cucumber plants didn't wash down to the creek and the rest of the new garden where it was once barren rock and dust is now rock and dried mud and weeds.  Like wherethehelldidtheycomefrom weeds.  Horse nettle, woolly croton, maypop, amaranth and two other weeds I haven't identified yet (found one; Prickly Sida).  Of course, all but the maypop are pretty much useless as either an herb, human munchies or goat munchies.

Guess I'll be yanking weeds after the Farmer's Market tomorrow.



  1. Carolyn,
    Your house must smell divine tonight with all the baking going on?

    Nice job Rhiannon!!!! You and Grandma did a beautiful job painting this book shelve. It looks really good in your room too!!!!

    Your daughter is so beautiful.

  2. Amaranth is edible and a good bug catcher I find a number of bugs prefer it over my planted stuff so I let it grow and pull it before it blooms.

    And let me tell you pokemon figurines are the absolute worst thing to step on or find in your shoes. All those spikes and wings and stuff.

  3. Congrats on the rain!! Rhiannon and Grandma did a great job on the bookcase, I like the touch of pink. We have amaranth here too, also called pig weed for no reason I can fathom. I pull it up and feed it to the chickens. :)

  4. I am sure that Rhiannon (and Paul) will appreciate her own special space(s). I am glad that you stuck with the Farmers Market - it's necessary to get off the farm and socialize. Plus, there's all that great networking and free veggies to think of! And, let's not forget having a reason to bake.... :)