Thursday, July 4, 2013

Employment Wanted

I foresee a flood of Employment Wanted Ads in the papers:

Conspiracy Theorist looking for employment.  Due to the current (and past) political / governmental agencies proving that I am, in fact, not delusional, I have run out of both "conspiracies" and "theories" to which I can provide myself with a steady means of employment.

If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a level headed, hard working and trustworthy person who is not blinded by sparkles, DWTS or free government handouts, please contact me.  Will work for any of the "4 B's".


Can we all please finally admit that our government is as bad, if not worse than Orwell's Big Brother?  Drones flying over the US, snapping pictures here & there & everywhere, putting it into their database for future "reference" (i.e. incriminating evidence for some past, present or future "crime" you may have committed).

The Snowden leaks (poor guy will forever be remembered for that, and nothing else), and now the Postal Service admitting that they are photographing every piece of mail.  Not actually opening the mail, because that would be, like, illegal.  And they don't do illegal things, right?  I suppose the same people who actually believed that our own government wasn't reading our emails or listening to our phone calls will still deny that they are secretly (until they get caught) opening our mail (and to think they call us nutjobs).  Honestly, what's the difference?

Oh, but they're just keeping a digital copy of the outside of the letter in their mega-database, in case, you like send some letter to the president dusted with anthrax (the bacteria, not the band.  Does anybody even listen to them anymore??).  Any person with half a brain would realize that so much personal information can be gleaned from the return address of the letter.  Financial institutions, magazine subscriptions, political leanings, personal letters from the US and afar.

So now that the unbelievers (i.e. those that made fun of the government conspiracy theorists) are faced with the fact that some of those theories are in fact undeniably true, what is their response now?

I suspect the same old lines:

If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't have to worry.

If you're not committing a crime, they aren't interested in you.

Why would they care about little ol' me?  They're just out for those "terrorists".

It's the price we pay to live in a civilized society.

No.  It's the price we are paying for being apathetic, irresponsible and immoral.  And do you really think living in this kind of "civilized" society is really civilized?  When our own government is spying on every single one of us and using our own money (stolen in the form of taxes) to do so?  That is not a civilized society, that is living with a tyrannical government with it's boot inches from your throat, daring you to do one little thing "wrong" or "illegal".  Period.

Happy Independence Day, indeed.

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  1. The fact is, even if you THINK you have nothing to hide, if you do/think something that the powers-that-be don't approve of, with all that info they can dig up SOMETHING that you did and make your life miserable for it (see Paula Deen).