Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day Late and Dollar Short

Rhiannon, Grandma and I went to the library for Story Time last Wednesday.  After stories, the children do a coloring page / work sheet and a craft.  The craft that day was a calendar for September.

We were given a blank September with the dates on them, a few with pre-designated holidays already written on the corresponding days and some other holiday stickers.

Labor Day, Rosh Hashanan, Grandparent's Day and the beginning of Autumn were printed on there already.  We got stickers for Labor Day, National Hispanic Heritage Month, a Jewish Star (for Rosh Hashana I'm assuming) and a few leaf stickers to place wherever one should so desire.  If someone had a birthday in September, you also got a birthday cake sticker to put on your day of birth.

And the more I looked at our craft project, the more I got upset.  Yes, I know, I need to just let it blow over my head.  It's just a library craft project for toddlers.  Move on, Mommy.  Just let Rhiannon put the stickers on and shut up.  Well, I did shut up.  Ok, I think I did mention something to Grandma in a hushed-pissy tone.  But what was I so pissy about anyhow?

WHERE was the sticker for Constitution Day?!  We've got a Star of David sticker, Hispanic sticker, Labor Day sticker.....where's the freaking sticker with the picture of The Constitution on it?!

Ok, now you're all going to get ticked at me for being racist* now, but here goes:  As far as I know, there are very, VERY few Jewish families here (this is the Bible Belt, you know), even fewer "people of Hispanic ancestry", and we get stickers for those things?  But not a sticker acknowledging the document that our entire Country was based upon?  Constitution Day wasn't even printed on the calendar in a teeny-tiny font.  I guess I was the more disappointed in the fact that it was the library that didn't acknowledge the date.

*(I am quite anti-racist.  I hate everyone equally, regardless of skin color.  Unless you have blue zebra-striped skin.  But then that's not really racist, that's just kind'a creepy.)

I actually started this post last week and was going to post it yesterday but figured that you've all heard enough of my political ranting so I just blew it off.  Although I did post a question on my FB page asking if any teacher, parent or child mentioned anything about celebrating Constitution Day in school yesterday.

Nobody answered.  No one.

Then I even perused the internet looking and hoping for some - any - mention of the Constitution in the news.

None.  (Although admittedly, I only hit the "big" news sites)

Did you hear anything about the significance of September 17th in the papers, on the internet, on television yesterday?  Did the President say "Happy Constitution Day", or "If I had a son, he'd be celebrating Constitution Day"?  Of course not.  Because he and 99% of all the other politicaldouchebags are doing everything they can to trash it.  To make us forget about it.  To drive that document out of our minds, our of our culture, our of existence.

So, dear Sheeple of the United States, continue to celebrate every other thing this glorious month of September has to offer:

Life Insurance Awareness Month
National Chiari Malformation Awareness Month
National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
National Guide Dog Month
National Hispanic Heritage Month
National Fish Month
Lymphoma Awareness Month
National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
National Preparedness Month
National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Leukemia Awareness Month
National Sickle Cell Awareness Month
National Yoga Month
National Wilderness Month
National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month
National Childhood Obesity Awareness
Whole Grains Month
Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Oh, and International Talk Like a Pirate Day (click HERE to see other wacky ones)

But pay no attention to that silly Constitution thingy.


  1. Nope, didn't hear one thing about it being Constitution Day yesterday, not even on the FOX News Channel and you'd think THEY would mention it for sure!

  2. I agree it did not get enough recognition. but there are a few out there who try. Check out this facebook page.!/photo.php?fbid=10201317440330732&set=o.188537814541769&type=1&theater

  3. How dare you leave out September 8....National Grandparent's Day!

  4. Here's one from one of our local blogger.

    1. DFW beat me to indicating JUGM's post on her blog.

  5. Our radio station mentioned it. Not that they were celebrating, they mentioned it because someone called in to tell them it was Constitution Day. That's the only time I heard anything about it. It's not on my calendar.

  6. BY today's Liberal mindset I am the most racist White Man on earth or at least a member of that club. And I am glad of it. Proud of it and even have the T-Shirt.

    Anti-Racist means you approve of the reverse discrimination perpetrated against Whites and especially White Men in this age by our government so you may not want to claim that title. Nor should you feel the need to defend your feelings anyway. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with guarding yourself or not trusting someone who is different than you any more than it is if that person was the same as you. It is simple common sense and guilt tripping people into not using common sense has gotten more women raped, old men Polar bear hunted and killed and many more beaten by groups. There is also NOTHING wrong with noticing the double standards the present day Multi-Cult puts forward.

    Like the holidays you noticed. No one should ever feel ashamed or afraid to call out the truth.

    I will say it plain for all to see and if it offends anyone I will gladly never comment again. I NEVER turn my back on Black Men, EVER. The news is full of daily reports of White Men my age and older who are blind sided and beaten or killed and these attacks are not done by Whites, Asians, American Indians or Hispanics. If I was a Woman I would never let a Black Male within 15 foot of me when I was alone either. It is not worth your life to prove your not racist and the statistics and daily news reports show just who is committing these crimes. It is time people speak the truth.

    Sorry for the rant I hope I did not offend or upset but it is time people started speaking out or things are going to get much worse.

  7. Ok, so I have to admit, I totally forgot that you made that post. We actually had a Constitution Day celebration on campus, but as far as I know, not many people went and it was a bust :(

  8. Have to agree with you whole heartedly, many in our Great Nation are intentionally trying to destroy our constitutional government. This makes me angry as it should every American, no matter what ethnic back ground, Once here we are supposed to be Proud Americans!