Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last Minute Suppers

I normally like to have supper at the kitchen table.  Meat, veggies, bread on real plates and cloth napkins.  I try to have it ready when Paul gets home from work so we can all sit together as a family and relax a bit.  But sometimes (ok, more than just sometimes) circumstances warrant that the supper not only be a quick & easily prepared meal, but one served on tv trays in front of the television.

Rhiannon has been sick for a while and although she's getting better, today was an "off" day.  And I was trying to catch up on housework so it was getting pretty late in the afternoon before I had even though of what I was going to make for supper.  So I went with one of my "OMG, what am I gonn'a make" favorites.  Sloppy Joe Pie.

I grabbed a sleeve of ground beef from the depths of the freezer (and almost got lost in there), chucked it in a pot on the stove and turned the heat on.  While the beef was cooking, I folded a load of laundry, went to the pantry and (luckily) found a can of Sloppy Joe mix, opened it up and plopped it in the pot of cooked ground beef and kept it on low.

Whipped up a batch of biscuits, threw another load of clothes in the washer.  Rescued a dinosaur from the clutches of the "bad" dinosaur gang and helped Rhiannon put them in jail (i.e. pillows propped up against the couch).

After incarcerating the velociraptors, I went back in the kitchen to finish up our evening meal.  Which basically meant pouring the sloppy joe mixture into a baking dish, slapping some American cheese on top, then dropping spoonfulls of the biscuit mix on top of that.  Popped that sucker into a 400 degree oven, went outside to feed the goats & shut up the chickens, came back inside and served everyone a steaming hot bowl of Sloppy Joe Pie while we watched The Empire Strikes Back.
Dinner and a Movie with Annabelle Rhiannon


  1. Sloppy Joe pie sounds do good! I love the easy part too. I'm sorry Rhiannon's been sick. :( She looks pretty cute in that picture.

  2. Give the kid a hug, and tell those bad ole dinosaurs they're gonna get their nails painted if they aren't good. How can you be a bad tuff guy with pretty nails?

  3. It may have been impromptu, but it sounds very good! My quickie meal is usually what we call goulash with cornbread.

    Glad Rhiannon is feeling better.

  4. Sounds like a good game plan on "one of those days!" I hope Rhiannon is feeling better and can keep those naughty dinosaurs in line. :)

  5. Carolyn,

    Rhiannon is adorable in this picture, I'm glad to hear she's feeling better.
    Sloppy Joe pie, now that's a new one for me. I must try making this one night. Every now and then we sit in front of the TV to watch Big Bang Theory.

  6. Isn't it wonderful when fast food is good for you, too?? Any chance those velociraptors will be out on parole soon? Or are they lifers???? :)

  7. We've all had days like that! I love the "incarcerating the velociraptors"!