Friday, November 7, 2014

Where'd ya go?

It's not like I've been gone for a long time.  I'm pretty sure there have been other, longer instances where I've been missing from the blogosphere.  But I'm telling ya, I want to blog.  I want to read your blogs.

But I've been either hip-wading in pig innards, rubbing salt/sugar cures into hunks of meat, de-feathering poultry or having my hand up the backside of said chicken.  

Lately, my life has been nothing but meat.  And guts.  And sharp knives.

Oh, and goat sex.  Because apparently I wasn't disgustingly horrible enough to look at with dried blood all over me and chunks of lard stuck in my ponytail, I was disgustingly smelly from playing goat pimp.

But I'll have lots to blog about when this motherload of meat is finally put in the freezer.  I'll reveal my newly-found secret for soft, supple hands.  I'll let you know why I won't be heard from next April.  I'll tell you how I got the homestead to be less stinky.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll have a silly giveaway.

See ya soon!


  1. Ahmmm Carolyn. Your not suppose to join in with the goats hon. I was only kidding (get it) about the goat suit thing.

  2. Good gosh, hasn't anyone ever told you November is supposed to be a restful-do nothing month of the year? (Not for me either, but I'm sure not involved in the shenanigans you are!) Sounds as if your life has been interesting, if nothing else. We shall all patiently wait for you to find time to put those lovely, smoooooth hands of yours on the keyboard and bring us up to speed.

  3. Paul, is Carolyn now calling you an old goat? :-) :-)
    Most people have no idea about how much time it takes to be self-reliant. Keep it up and you will get to the end of the work.
    You could do a give away of a few pounds of meat, we'd all love some!

  4. Looking forward to hearing about everything! :)

  5. Can't wait to hear what you are doing in April.

  6. Wow, actually that's fantastic! Hopefully next year I'll be in the same boat, from pig innards down to goat sex. Or make that buck smell.