Sunday, January 18, 2015

Unseasonable, but not Unwelcome, Weather

Yesterday the high was 62.  Today was 65.  Sixty. Five. Degrees.  In the middle of January.

Yep.  I'll take that.

Yes, I know that we'll pay for it in the number of new bugs.  Yes, I know that it may wreak havoc on some of the plants and trees.  Yes, I know it is just weird.  But I don't care.  Call it Global Warming.  Call it Climate Change.  I don't give a shit if polar bears are sweating or if the glaciers are melting or if our seaboards will be under ten feet of water.  I'm tired of this cold winter stuff and will gladly take any "freakish" turn of warm weather with a smile (remind me of this sometime in, say August, when I'm bitching about how flipping hot it is).

The warm weather just makes me want to DO stuff.  Outside stuff.  Even if it's not necessarily "fun" outside stuff, just being out there in a t-shirt makes even the lowly job of shoveling chicken crap a joyous event.

I cleaned out the coop (which really, really needed it), I started cleaning the milk parlor.  Paul put a light in the chicken coop.  I moved wasted hay out of the goat pen.  And in between barn chores, we played frisbee, went for a walk, ate the remaining persimmons, played with the Giant Sloppy Dog.

We also started a new goat hut for the ingrates.  Kidding season will be coming up soon and we'll need as many spots for mother goats and their kids as we can manage.  Although I like the idea of another shed or lean-to for them, we eventually plan on moving the goats from pasture to pasture and several mobile huts seem to be more feasible.  That and the fact that we need to use some of the salvaged lumber I've accumulated over the years before it rots or the termites eat it.

Goat hut pictures tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


  1. With your temperatures, it must have felt like an early spring time! We had it really warm here today, too. High in the 20s. Go ahead. Guffaw at us who choose to live where the sun don't shine and the winter temp never gets above freezing. Oh yeah, and where it DOESN'T SNOW IN THE WINTER! This year is just not fair after the avalanche we lived under last winter. We haven't even been skiing or snowmobiling or snowshoeing or nuthin' yet this year. 'Course, we haven't spent a portion of each day shoveling and/or plowing snow either. (Hee-hee.)

    Looking forward to your pictures tomorrow!

  2. It was 47 today and rainy, felt like spring!

  3. I too, got out and cleaned the very messy coop. Ya just gotta take advantage of days like that, right?

  4. Carolyn,

    It was beautiful this weekend! I'm not looking forward to the bugs in my garden come spring time.

  5. We had a high of 66 here today, and it was sunny and beautiful. A nice break to the frigid temps lately. I know how you feel about wanting to be outside in weather like that.