Friday, June 5, 2015

My First T.G.I.F.

Today is Friday.  And for the past seven years, Fridays were just another day on the homestead  for me.  Barn chores still had to be done, livestock had to be fed or watered or milked or otherwise tended to.  Rhiannon needed to do her school work.  I needed to make breakfast, lunch and supper.  Laundry didn't care what day of the week it was.  Friday was just another day for Rhiannon and I.

The only thing really special about Friday was that Paul didn't have to go to work (he had Friday, Saturday & Sunday off).  We didn't go out and get schnockered on Friday nights, we didn't plan huge parties over the weekend and weren't really in the position to even take vacations over the weekend.  And if anything, starting Friday afternoon, these were the days that I stayed HOME from town as I knew everyone else was running around trying to get things done on their days off.

But since the end of April, Fridays once again have special meaning to me.  Why?

Because I got myself a job.  A "real" job.  One that requires me to be at a particular spot at a particular time for a particular amount of time.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday....and Friday.  So yes, I now look forward to Fridays, just like the rest of my working-world counterparts.

Oh, don't feel sorry for me.  I've been lucky to have been a stay-at-home Mom and full time homesteader for the past seven years and I wouldn't trade that time for anything.  I won't lie and tell you that I enjoy getting up at O'Dark Thirty or that I like being away from my family and the critters.  But circumstances have dictated that certain things happen in order for us to continue living the opulent and luxurious lifestyle we've grown accustomed to since starting our homesteading adventure.

As some of you may have already noticed, my presence in the Blogosphere has been minimal as of late.  But I still intend on blogging, reading your blogs and hopefully getting around to commenting / answering comments.  Even though I'm not here at the house all day or involving myself as much in the usual plethora of homesteading antics, there is still plenty to blog about.  Things have been in the works since the beginning of this year and it's going to be an exciting time for our family and will hopefully provide my faithful blog readers with something interesting and / or entertaining to read about.

Or maybe I can convince Paul to take over the blog.  Then he and Pioneer Preppy can tell it like it "really" is.

You never know.


  1. Welcome, oh Sister in the Yoke! Has the novelty worn off yet? Glad you found a job that fits your needs - does Paul pack your lunch?

  2. Carolyn,

    Enjoy your job, don't work to hard, and enjoy time away from the 4 legged critters.
    I'm with Susan......does Paul pack your lunch?

  3. Hope you don't work too hard & just have average hours. I know the extra income is always welcomed.

  4. I know this will all work out for you because your little family (you, Paul and Rhiannon) have a unique relationship. You and Paul both know how to "work" (whether it be an away from home job or on ye ol' homestead) while raising your daughter in the most stable, loving, and responsible way. So for however long you choose to do it, enjoy your hours "at the office" (in air conditioning, I'm assuming?) and rest those muscles you've over-exerted for the past seven years! (Not that we think for a moment that you aren't still shoveling goat berries when you are at home.)

  5. LOL well I do know one thing.....

    Your garden will never know the difference :)


    I kill me :)

    Gratz on the job btw.

  6. Been there; done that! If anyone can handle it, you can. You were lucky to find work when you wanted it.

  7. Susan, yes, I am now (again) one of you! And I now have the themesong from "Nine to Five" in my noggin. And yes, Paul does pack a lunch for me...when I let him.

    Sandy, time away from the farm isn't THAT bad....I AM indoors with air conditioning :) Paul is packing my lunches, but I'm still waiting for my Holly Hobby metal lunch box.

    DFW, If it weren't for the fact that we have all those nasty bills, I, and everyone else on the planet, would probably be at home. But ya gott'a do what ya gott'a do :)

    MamaPea, just came in from shovelling poop. Imagine that. Poop patrol, it seems, is a never-ending job and needs to be done regardless of one's other obligations. But yes, that obligation does provide me with an air conditioned atmosphere, which is much appreciated in this gawd-awful heat.

    PP, actually I do believe that the garden WILL notice a in Paul will be taking (better) care of it and may actually produce something for us to eat.

    gld, even if we didn't really need the $$, I would have still considered taking this job. It's super close, great people and decent (for around here, that is) money. I couldn't have asked for a better place to work and it came just at the right time.

  8. Well, congratulations!!! Now you'll be rich. lol