Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Camping...in the Basement

Paul & I used to go camping in our “younger days”.  We’ve camped in a tent, a small pop-up and even a travel trailer (complete with a shower & toilet!).  Although as the years go by, the tent looks less & less inviting.  But as Rhiannon gets old enough to be able to go on camping trips, I’d like to be able to use that tent instead of the travel trailer.  Not all the time, because there is something to be said for having a travel trailer with a mattress, propane stove, hot shower and flushing toilet.  But I’d like for Rhiannon to have some fond (hopefully) childhood memories of sleeping outside, in the wilderness, in what is basically a fancy tarp.  To some of you, that may sound like self-imposed torture.  And it could be if you don’t like that sort of stuff.  Or if you don't like mosquitos, ticks or chiggers.
I think it is important for our children to experience the world outside of the house.  Away from the strip-mall parking lots.  Far from the noise and exhaust fumes of the city or suburbs.  Stars & moon lighting up the night instead of street lights & neon signs.  Crickets chirping throughout the night.
Wait a second…..I just described our backyard.
Well, I still think it would be neat if we could all go camping, even if it is just down the road at the lake or river.  Besides, it’s a great excuse to eat hotdogs (you do know what they’re made of, right??) chips and roast marshmallows over an open fire and make s’mores and those disgustingly-sugary-icky campfire cherry pies using that metal sandwich-smooshy-thing that you stick over the fire.
Long term or distant camping trips aren’t that easy to plan around here anyhow with the livestock, so we may as well take advantage of all the beautiful parks and campgrounds in our area.  That way I can still run home for morning and evening barn chores while Rhiannon and Paul stay at the campsite. 
And as an added bonus, I can still take a hot shower and use an indoor toilet!
Told you I was getting soft.   


  1. We sleep in our yard off and on all summer long. I am happy the teen still likes to sleep under the stars with me. When we do go camping, it's up the river about 15 miles, so one of us can run home to do the feeding of the critters. Hubby usually volunteers so he can shower, etc. I love sleeping outside and I'm so glad we live far enough out of town to enjoy it safely.

  2. That is MY kind of camping! Best to start them off gradually and, once they're hooked, introduce them to the skeeters.