Monday, May 16, 2011

Eating the Weeds - Lambs Quarter

We’ve been swimming in eggs lately and I’ve been lax on posting “Eggs for Sale” in the daily online freebie paper so the fridge if full of them.
One day last week in a desperate attempt to figure out something to make for dinner (as I had neglected to thaw anything from the freezer) I decided to make omelettes.  We have eggs, goat cheese, onions and henbit literally just outside the front door.  But I was kind’a hoping to put something else in the omlettes.  We didn’t have any frozen spinach, but we do have…….
Lambs Quarters!
Which taste darned close to spinach if you asked me.  And they also just so happen to be right outside the door.
So I went to pick a bag full, washed them off, picked the leaves from the stems and sautéed them with the front-yard onions and henbit.
Put some goat cheese inside the omelettes with the sautéed goodies and shredded store bought cheese (found in the depths of the freezer…there was like a ¼ cup left in the bag….what was I thinking that I couldn’t have used that in whatever other recipe I had used it before?) on top to make it look purty.

The young, tender leaves of Lambs Quarter can be used in fresh salads, or cooked like spinach.  But just like spinach, you need a lot of them because they shrink down when you cook them.
The fridge is still overloaded with eggs and milk so I think I’ll make a Ham and Lambs Quarter quiche for dinner tonight.
I just love having Breakfast for Dinner!

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  1. That looks GOOOOOD! I am also a fan of breakfast for dinner, and vice versa. I've been making lots of quiche, thanks to an abundance of eggs myself. Thank you for the great idea!

  2. Breakfast for dinner is awesome. I'm jealous of your greens knowledge. If I picked something growing outside my back door like that, someone would die. Probably me! Thanks for the recipe-I have spinach in the fridge!

  3. I have heard we have lambs quarter growing around here. I need to take a lil' hike up the hill and bring what I find home to comparre to your picture. Thanks!

  4. I have plans today to harvest some lambs quarter for the freezer. I let a huge patch grow in a flower bed. We like it better than spinach.

    It is good in mixed greens too, like poke and dock.

  5. Susan & Hoosier, isn't it just FUN having breakfast for dinner? I know it really isn't anything really exciting, but it still feels like something special.

    Ruth, PLEASE check some other pictures! I don't want to be responsible for you eating some nasty-look-alike and then getting hives or something! :)

    gld, isn't it funny how people will plant something like spinach, yet pull a "weed" like lambs quarter growing right next to it? Spread the word! Eat the weeds!