Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Little by little, step by step

All my family and friends think I'm a wack-o-conspiracy-theorist-nut-job.  Well, here's another little something to make you think (although those who refuse to acknowledge things like this will continue to do so no matter the signs):

(Big thanks to OFG for the link on her FB page)

It's not a long article, so please take the less than two minutes to read it.

Yes, I know, it's in the UK, but it seems once something like this becomes the "norm", it's only a matter of time before everyone gets on the train.

So now they have your food buying habits on file.  And next they'll be "nudging" you to eat healthier.  How far of a jump is it then to expect the government to start fining you for not eating how they dictate is healthiest?  Or what if your government-imposed monthly allotment of alcoholic beverages has surpassed the limit?  Will that mean that the DCFS has grounds to take your kids from you because you're obviously a raging alcoholic and cannot possibly care for children?

"Oh, they'd never do that."  Or, "The people of the USA wouldn't allow that."  To which I say, and quite unapologetically at that, "Bullshit".

Remember when the whole Seat Belt Laws were being discussed?  First the cops would only ticket you for not wearing a seat belt if you were pulled over for some other driving infraction.  Fast forward a few years and they just started pulling you over for the simple act of not strapping yourself into your own personal vehicle.  This all, of course, came with a nice mandatory monetary tribute to your local or state police.  

Now we've got random "Safety Checkpoints" throughout the country where the police feel that it is in your best interest to stop, detain and search your vehicle WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE and WITHOUT A WARRANT.  To make sure you've got your seat belt on, or to make sure you have all your "Papers" in order (driver's license, proof of insurance, proof of vehicle registry, proof of current county/city sticker, etc.), to inspect your phone for any recent text messages or just because - heck - they want to.  But it's basically to tell you flat out that you are in fact, not a free person.  That you cannot travel peaceably where and when you wish without being harassed.  That you are guilty until proven otherwise.  That everyone is a criminal.  And if they dig deep enough, they will find something in the "law" books that make you one.

You cannot be trusted to do anything without the government looking over your shoulder, going through your personal vehicle, inspecting and scrutinizing your refrigerator, all with the intent of eventually making a criminal out of us all.  There's no such thing as the Food Police you say?  Uhm, I don't read many Mega Media news outlets, but I do know that there's the assenine Mayor in New York wanting to pass a law to make it illegal to sell anything larger than a 16 oz. (or is it twelve??) soda.  First they will fine the sellers, then when everyone's finally used to that, they will go after the buyers of those sodas.  "Excuse me Ma'am, is that a 32 ounce cup of Pepsi you have there?  I'm going to have to take you in for questioning, confiscate your soda and your vehicle (because it's an accessory in the crime, you know) and write you a $100 ticket."  

Laugh now all you want.  Because you'll want to remember those "happier" times when you're sobbing in that jail cell or writing that check out for that ticket.

Part 2 (or the continuation of my crazy-angry-homesteading-chick-rant) to follow tomorrow.


  1. This is why I shop at a store that does NOT have one of those 'good customer' cards. It's creepy enough that they hand you a coupon for a product that MAY have something to do with what you just bought. More impetus to grow my own! Don't you just love how they are saving us from ourselves???

  2. LOL. According to supermarket purchases only a hunter would be assumed to be vegetarian because he never buys any meat. A hunter who also gardens and cans would be shown to only buy sugar, salt, coffee, beer and bread. I wonder what advice the big government would have for that guy.

  3. Kind of fits right in woth my thoughts too. I'm sorry but the "land of the free, home of the brave" went bye bye a long time ago. When someone out there is eavesdropping on your texts, your emails, your library checkouts, etc. you have NO real privacy anymore, or expectation of such.

  4. Honestly, I don't think the government really cares about what most people eat. I do think Nancy hit the nail on the head, though, that the purpose is to destroy any expectation of privacy.

    Of course, I have heard that ordering a lot of pizza delivery can raise a "terrorist" flag...

  5. I am with you girl!! That soda thing is absolutely ridiculous - people will just buy two or three of the smaller ones to get their "fix". Glad I get to avoid a lot of that crap just by staying home on my 10 acres :-)