Thursday, December 6, 2012

I don't get it

Ok, I've heard that people have been selling Twinkies on ebay for insane amounts of money, but I've not actually checked up on it.  Because, well, I've got better things to do online that check the current "spot" price for silver, er, I mean, Twinkies.

Then just a few minutes ago, I saw a listing for Zingers on one of the local yard sale pages online. With an expiration date of 12/8/12.  For fifteen bucks.  For one box.  Now I'm curious to see what Twinkies are going for.  Is the scientific community buying them to be kept in a cryo-freezer in order to keep the Twinkie & Zinger DNA intact for all of humanity?  Are people just trying to get their last fix of crappy Hostess products?  Or is it like the Beanie Baby rage of years gone by?

And to think I could have stocked up on sub-par, commercially & mass-produced baked goods, then sold them to some dippy person on ebay for fifteen bucks a box (plus shipping, of course).  I could have made a million dollars had I been more savvy to these Globally Important trends!

Am I missing something here?

No.  Really.  What the hell am I missing?

Maybe I'm just too out of it.  Or maybe I just don't care what's going on out in "The World".  Just last night I asked Paul exactly what this "Fiscal Cliff" was.  He told me to forget about it.  That it was just more political BS and that the country was still going to hell in a hand basket whether or not I knew about this cliff thing or not.

But you know what I DO care about?  Our family.  Our homestead.  Our finances.  And right now, the main thing I'm concerned about keeping up to date on is the flipping critter(s) that have almost totally destroyed the carrots, beets & peas in my raised beds last night.  Once I find out what creature did it, I'm going to bludgeon it to death with a frozen Twinkie, hike it down to the hill and toss it's lifeless carcass off our little Cliff.


  1. Hahahha! I had to read that one aloud to Hubby, as he is very into politics and economies and stuff. I am not, but I sure can appreciate a good rant!

  2. I hear you sister, I so hear you!

    You also have my laughing so hard about the frozen Twinkie and Cliff.

  3. Hahahahahahah! Thanks for the laugh today. Using a frozen twinkie as a weapon is about all they are good for (other than making money off of "dippy" people dumb enough to buy them).

  4. Do you want me to bring over the Squirreliminator? Or have you read how wimpy I am? I try to put a Pollyanna spin on most of this crap - as in, "isn't it wonderful we can live in a country filled with lots of idiots who spend their money on non-food-totally-processed stuff at completely insane prices while the rest of us wait with bated breath to find out if the assinine government will toss us off the media-made cliff?" Why, in another country, they'd cull the idiots and shoot the government. Not here. Nope, everyone's welcome. It drives me mad.

  5. Since most of us here don't live in "The World" we once again missed out on our chance to make millions. (sigh)
    I hope you get the critter that is decimating your garden. That must be soooo frustrating!! Grrrr!

  6. Tiny Gardener, Oh, if you only KNEW the rant that I COULD have posted!

    Sandy, Paul read this post earlier this evening when I was sitting by the computer and he giggled (do guys giggle??) and I asked him what was so funny. Guess the Twinkie & Cliff is humorous. I was stinking serious though.

    Kristina, I'm telling ya, we could have been RICH, I tell ya, RICH!!

    SFG, Can I get a Whoop-whoop too?

    Susan, I suppose you could bring over the Squirreliminator, seeing as it needs to be used. ZING!! And yes, we are a country full of twinkie-eating sheep (and that's an insult to sheep everywhere).

    Candy, I tell you, I've been babysitting that stupid raised bed for my first ever almost-winter garden and now this. Man, was I ticked.

  7. You may need to reconsider a good farm dog that will run off varmints ....... just a thought. Of course, you have to suffer through that puppy stage. I am thinking a farm guard dog?

    The Twinkie craze just was so insane, I chose to ignore it completely. DH would tell me stories now and then.....

    1. gld, funny you should mention a farm dog.........

  8. The fiscal cliff is the thing they talk about to the public to distract us from what's really going on.

    About those twinkies though, I'm sure they have enough preservatives to make em last forever. Should make nice museum pieces. Or! Wait about a decade and resell them as antiques!

  9. I live in the city and I don't get it either. Chemical laden pastic "frankenfood". Ew...

  10. I was never a twinkie fan but I'll admit the cupcakes and Susie Qs have been in the house more than a few times when I was younger. The country is going to hell in a handbasket but it's not limited to us, pretty much the entire world. You're in better shape than most if you have a homestead. Better than living in a city high rise when it does happen!

  11. I can't figure out why it's all about the Twinkies and not.... Suzy Q's! Those were my favorite, being a loose term since my mom would let me have one like once every 5 years and I haven't eaten one in 20 LOL.

  12. Ok laughing so hard I'm crying thankyou!Love your posts.