Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rebirth of the Sun....and Rebirth of a Cookie!

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice.  For you non-pagans or those of you not quite in tune with the astrological significance, it basically means that the earth is at the point in it's orbit around the sun that the amount of sunlight will be steadily increasing every day!

I know it's hard to celebrate the return of the light when we're just getting into the coldest part of the year, but I'll take whatever extra daylight hours I can get.  And yesterday I was supposed to celebrate the Solstice and supposed TEOTWAWKI by baking cookies.
I just LOVE grumpycat!!
And I got busy.  So didn't make them until this morning.  Sue me.

So instead of just showing you my cookies, I will now start a long and drawn out story about those cookies:

Long, long ago (1985 perhaps??) in a galaxy far, far away (Cook County, IL) there was a musical called Jesus Christ Superstar.  A few of the grades in our smallish school took a field trip to see said musical.  For whatever reason, the school did not use a bus to cart all the kids to the theater, but used parents as both chaperons and means of transporting the kids.  My Dad was one of those lucky chaperons so he crammed as many kids that would fit into his early 80's yellow yacht of a Cadillac and off we went.

I vaguely remember the musical.  What I do remember is this:

Right next door.....right STINKING NEXT DOOR to the theater was the Maurice Lenell outlet.  Not only that, but the outlet just so happened to have an actual bakery in it!!

So Dad, being my Dad and rather lackadaisical spur-of-the-moment at times, decided that instead of going right back to school we should take a little walk across the parking lot and he'd treat us to some cookies.  Although now that I think about it, he probably just wanted to buy some cheap broken cookies for himself and had no choice to but to drag his juvenile charges with him.

Anyways....somehow during our time perusing the boxes and crates and pallets of discount cookies, one of the employees took pity on my Dad and offered to give us all a little tour of the place.  We got to see the pinwheel cookies on the conveyor belts & everything!!  What fun!  Sorry Jesus Superstar, but your musical was trumped by the mass production of a cookie.

Dad finally got us back to school, probably an hour after everyone ELSE had.  And I'm pretty sure I recall Dad being ragged out by one of the Sisters or the Principal.  I'm also pretty sure Dad just shrugged them off.  And people wonder where I get my anti-establishment, anti-authority streak.

What the heck does all this have to do with cookies, let alone Resurrected Cookies?  Well, the Maurice Lenell store closed it's doors in 2008.  And I almost cried when I found out.  Technically, you can still buy the cookies, although they are made by another company that just bought the name and recipes.  I haven't had any of the "new" cookies.  So now, dear cookie lovers, I present to you my favorite......The Pinwheel:
Cookies for breakfast!
Although they tasted good, they didn't have the exact flavor I remember.  But I suppose we'll just have to buckle down and suffer through these :)


  1. Oh Dad! What would we have become without him?!

    I passed the old store on my way to Dad's yesterday and the Norriage theater is closed as well. These are sad times :( But I did see that the hip is expanding!

    Those cookies look fantastic! I'm sure you are creating fun memories for Rhainnon every day. I mean, who could forget Cookies/Chocolate for Breakfast?!

  2. That's funny! Sometimes those memories are a lot more important than getting back to school on time (boring) :)

  3. Ha! Rhiannon looks mighty pleased to be having cookies for breakfast!!
    When I was in high school, our church youth group went to Kansas City and saw Jesus Christ Superstar the movie. I thought it was awesome but, then again, WE didn't get a cookie factory tour afterwards! ;)

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friend. :) Thanks for always making me smile.

  5. I saw JCSS in Joliet at the Rialto Theater in 1976. The next night I wnet back to same theatre and saw Cheap Trick. Cheap trick were my cookies I am sad to say

    Anyway, speaking of cookies. Some nut job blogger took time our of her busy schedule to send ME goodies in the mail. you are too too much. THANK YOU blog friend !!!

  6. I liked your story of the cookie. I remember the tour of the potato chip factory ;-)
    Someone looks to be enjoying those pinwheels. So cute.

  7. That smile says it all! I would have ridden with your dad over an old school bus any old day - Cadillac, you said? Yellow? Woot!

  8. I love the story! However, I can't seem to find the recipe for the pinwheels, do I have to click on something specific to get to the recipe? Thanks!

  9. Yes, where is the recipe hiding?

    1. Sorry, I can't find the link either!!! I'll try to find the hard copy and post it here.

  10. I can't find the recipe either and I would love to make these cookies!

  11. Do you have the recipe somewhere? My dad only wants these cookies for Christmas!

  12. I found the recipe,
    Scroll down a little bit it in the story plainly marked you cant miss it is there .