Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cheap labor and the gift of fungi

Paul, Rhiannon and I attended a local FFA (Future Farmers of America) function a few weeks ago for their fish fry and labor auction.  It was great food and great entertainment!

Well, except when Rhiannon kept raising her hand to bid on the plate of chocolate chip cookies.....we finally had to hold her arms down when it got to $27.  I like cookies and all, but we needed to save our money for some REAL goods.  Or shall I say, cheap labor?  We "bought" ourselves two strapping young FFA men for eight hours a piece to help with some landscaping chores.

They came over after school on Tuesday and raked and burned leaves for three hours (there's a LOT of leaves over at his Mom's place) then came back again on Wednesday for another three hours of leaf burning and stall mucking.  I swear we moved about a ton of manure / wasted hay.
Good ol' FFA labor
I have blisters on my hands, poop stuck in my boots and my clothes were covered in soot for two straight days.  Although that's really not that strange.  But we had pizza and soda afterwards so all is good with the world.

Anywho, their Ag teacher is one of our friends, Adrian (she's the lady with the poor Nigerian doeling that had to be put down two weeks ago) and she came over to help....and probably acquired some blisters of her own.  Her husband  also just so happened to happen upon a small patch of Morels.  She posted them on FB Monday night and I just ogled at the pictures.  We went out on the weekend and Paul's been going out after work, but we still haven't found any.  Even though our searching yielded zip, we didn't end up empty handed:

Adrian and Aaron gave us some of their bounty!  Oh, I was so very, very excited.  I can't wait to sautee those babies up tonight.


  1. Carolyn,

    I love working with the FFA. Glad to hear you were able to get a few of the guys to come over and help clean out stalls and rake.

    Oh boy, you're going to love those mouth is drooling just looking at them. Enjoy!!!

  2. Do I wish I could have been at that auction - I would have loved to have 'bought' some help for the LLF. It's amazing how few (like, none) young guys in my area can be bothered to lift a shovel, even for money. Those morels look delicious!!

  3. I know there are people in our area that hunt for and find morels. (Yes, apparently they do grow even up here near the Arctic Circle. After the snow is gone, of course. And it warms up. Like in August. Just kidding. About the August part, I mean.)

    Boy, would I like to have a couple of strong teenagers (who knew how to work) come for a weekend. Heck, I'd even feed them.