Monday, April 14, 2014

Hope this isn't goodbye

I took pictures of my herb garden and some of the other greenery around the homestead earlier this evening.
Oregano, nice & green & healthy.
Cilantro, just popping up.
Green, furry, fern-like leaves of Yarrow.
Chocolate Mint
Strawberry blossoms
Arkansas Black apple blossoms
When I was taking the pictures, I felt kind of morbid.  Because this is what I had to do right after taking shots of those beautiful blossoms and greenery:

Covering up the herb garden.
Putting tarps over the strawberry patch.
Tonight we're supposed to hit a low of 28 degrees and Tuesday night is only slightly warmer at 31 degrees.  I didn't cover the apple trees, so they'll be on their own.  We didn't have a single apple last year and I'm afraid that this will be another apple-less year as well.  The nectarines, peaches and pears have already lost most, if not all of their flowers; I'm not sure if that means they'll survive or not.  Luckily I procrastinated and hadn't put the vegetables in the ground yet so I just moved the flats into the garage.

Everything in the herb garden pictured above came up from last year.  I was certain that our horribly cold winter would have wiped everything out, but they must be real troopers.  I just hope that the new greenery on them can survive the freeze.

I'm not pulling the tarps or buckets off the plants until Wednesday morning.  Hopefully Wednesday's post will be titled "They Made It!" and not "No fruit this year".


  1. Fingers crossed that the cold snap doesn't do too much damage. I'm thinking that the herbs should do ok...

  2. I'll be in the same boat with you tonight 29 and tmrw at 32. My strawberries are in full bloom darn it! Apples are just getting started. Thank goodness for old sheets!

  3. Good luck! I do hope everything survived. It would have been better if the blooms hadn't dropped yet.....but we get what we get.

    I just have pears in bloom and a scattering of peach blooms. The plum has dropped its petals so most of that fruit will be frozen. I left straw on the strawberries so I hope they are OK. Just love Ozark weather.............

  4. We woke up to snow today too. Yesterday the kids were in flip flops.

  5. Never thought I'd be happy to live farther north. We don't have blooms to kill yet. Going down to 22 here tonight. I'll cross my fingers for you.

  6. Not surprisingly, our temps are dipping down for a couple of nights, too. But you folks down in the Banana Belt shouldn't be having these freezes this time of year. Keeping my fingers crossed for you . . .

  7. We had a freeze last night as well here in N.E. Oklahoma, but tonight we are only dropping into the 40's...We covered our apple and peach trees and straweberries, but the covering blew off the apple tree, so like you we may be appleless this year as well...Good luck and hope everything survives...

  8. Carolyn,

    We had colder temperatures into freezing with rain, sleet and snow flakes. I covered every single plant in the garden beds and straw bales too!!!

  9. Ditto, to TM and MP above. Nothing is flowering here. Let's hope your apple trees give the cold temps the warm shoulder and you have plenty of fruit this year!

  10. Just took mine off so far so good! probably cover the strawberries again tonite...looking good Carolyn....