Monday, May 4, 2015

The Garden That Isn't, But Soon Will Be

I feel like a farming failure.  Paul just last week tore up the berry garden for planting...and I haven't planted a single new strawberry plant.  In fact, I don't think we'll have strawberries at all this year.

About a month ago I planted the asparagus in a huge tractor tire, filled with wonderful, loose, compost filled soil and not a single sprout has come up.  Although I'm pretty sure I know why; Charlie finds it to be the perfect sleeping spot.  This would account for the reason that not even a single weed seed has been able to germinate.  150 pounds of Giant Sloppy Dog would crush any chance of vegetation growth.
Can you guess which tire Charlie prefers to sleep in???
I also failed to plant a single seedling over the winter.  So I had to go to the nursery and buy the boring ol' standbys; Green, red, banana and hot peppers.  Roma and Arkansas Traveller tomatoes, pickling cucumbers (I don't think I've EVER bought cucumber starts).  Paul planted them over the weekend.  I did help water though.

I was tempted to buy even the squash, but the last time I bought squash starts they ended up being harvested the same time as the ones I grew in the ground.  So now I just have to dig a bunch of holes and start those zukes, yellow straightneck and patty pans and we'll be set for a mini-garden this year.

Seems as if I tend to go bonkers every year with the gardens and then it gets away from me.  Tomatoes rot on the vine, buried somewhere underneath the jungle of other tomato plants (started waaaaaay too close to each other), green bean get picked too late and become stringy, strawberries get eaten by the rolly pollies or slugs before I can get to them.  So I don't think I'm going to plant a single thing in our eventually-gonna-be permaculture garden.  Last year & the year before I planted and harvested quite a few squash, but that was about it.  The sweet potato vines were eaten by the darned deer before I got a single tater out of it.  And the fact that this garden are isn't fenced in attributes to the GSD laying in my asparagus tire, the deer eating the trees / vines and the chickens scratching up any other vegetable that I may have planted.   So with the exception of taking care of the four apple trees, horseradish plant (somewhere out there) and the seven still-living hazelnut bushes, this garden will sit fallow this year.

Which is a good thing to do once in a while....right?


  1. Some years it is better to take a break rather than let it break you. This year I pared down what I am planting. No more "fun" things just to try, I'm growing my standbys and plan to g more of less types of veg. I hope it helps me.
    Give yourself a break this year, support a local small farmer, I buy bushel of corn, sometimes beans...

  2. Carolyn,

    It's a good thing to take a break away from planting garden.

  3. Sometimes you need a break. Sometimes the land needs a break. Sometimes time gets away from you. You're still pure awesome. Carry on. :)

  4. We had a terrible year a few years ago, and truth be told, it felt nice to have that extra time and not be helter skelter all day, every day.

  5. I keep saying I will cut back and then I don't. I really don't think I can help myself, no matter how frustrating/expensive it is. All you really need are the basics, anyway!

  6. I'm very sure you won't be lacking in having enough to keep yourself busy this summer withOUT the garden to think about. Yes, it makes a lot of sense to let the planting go for a year. As Kristina said, being all helter skelter is not good so give yourself a break if you feel the need. You have a Farmer's Market near you, right? Make the weekly excursion to pick up luscious fresh veggies from there and don't feel the least bit bad about it.

  7. Don't be too hard on yourself. Perhaps you could join a CSA and support a local farm or just hit the farmers market. It's not like you're sitting on your couch eating bon bons and watching soaps! As a Chicago Cubs fan I can assure you the same holds true with gardening! "There's always next year!"

  8. I have cut back to the bare minimum of what grows well and we love. I can live without squash, but I love tomatoes, peppers, basil, vine berries, fruit trees, etc. I can never harvest any decent corn, carrots, or root veggies. I have given up on those. I just try and buy local or skip it...

  9. Haha I think this year my garden is going to be a lot like yours! I'm already seeing lots of similarity :)